Chandler Back In NOLA: Worst Case Scenario

Tyson Chandler failed his Physical with the Oklahoma City Thunder and is coming back to New Orleans. I was one of the very few people who thought the Hornets trade with OKC was a good deal…so I now believe that TC’s return to NOLA is the worst case scenario for the Hornets.


Hornets players were elated after Wednesday night’s nationally televised win over the Orlando Magic upon hearing one of the most popular players in the their locker room would be returning.

But to me…again…this situation is worst case scenario for the Hornets…and here’s why:

Will Tyson feel comfortable playing for an organization that traded him due to financial reasons?

If Tyson failed a physical with OKC how hurt is he?  His failed physical is reportedly the result of a turf toe injury.  Will he really be able to help the Hornets this season?  Remember, Tyson was having an AWFUL season before the trade!



Tuesday Hornets General Manager Jeff Bower said the trade with Oklahoma City gave the Hornets front court depth that they desperately needed for a playoff run.  Now that the team does not have the front court depth they acquired in the Tyson trade are the Hornets legitimate contenders?

How will the Hornets get under the dreaded NBA luxury tax next season?  The Hornets have never paid the luxury tax and will have too now if they can’t dump some salary.



Also, could Tyson still be shopped until the trade deadline passes Thursday afternoon?  Will any team still want the 26 year old or is he considered damaged goods?


Will the Hornets have to shop another player like James Posey to dump salary?  I can’t see owner George Shinn getting desperate enough to shop David West but Posey being dealt is now a real possibility.  I suggest Posey because CP3 is untouchable, Peja’s contract coupled with his age and injuries makes him immovable…and guys like MoPete, Antonio Daniels, Rasual Butler and Hilton Armstrong have very little if any trade value at all.   

Hornets Posey Basketball


Don’t be surprised to see a late trade involving Posey between the Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Cavs wanted Posey when the Hornets signed him….package Posey with Julian Wright and a first round pick or two and the Hornets could swing a deal for Wally Szczerbiak and J.J. Hickson.    

Lots of very very very big questions for our cities NBA team!


2 Responses

  1. I am sorry to hear that Tyson Chandler failed his physical exam with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    I hope that things get better with his turf-toe injury. Tyson is a really good person, and is very nice.

  2. we’ll see what motivates him…i doubt they will trade him today..maybe in the offseason

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