When tight end Jeremy Shockey finagled a trade from the Giants to the Saints last year, Shockey apparently expected a new contract.

He didn’t get one.

After completing his first season in New Orleans, Shockey apparently expects a new contract.

As we hear it, he isn’t getting one.



Shockey is due to earn a base salary of $2.725 million in 2009, along with a $500,000 reporting bonus.  Because the Giants took the hit arising from Shockey’s prorated bonuses under his current deal, Shockey’s cap number is only $3.25 million this year.

Next year, Shockey’s base salary jumps to $3.825 million — a price that the Saints might not be willing to pay.

Indeed, there’s a belief in the Bayou that Shockey might have only one solid season left in him, and definitely not enough to justify nearly $4 million in 2010.

So, in time, he might indeed get that new contract.  Because the Saints might be terminating the one he currently has.