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Joe Smith/Drew Gooden To New Orleans???
March 1, 2009

Multiple sources have confirmed that veteran forward Joe Smith and the Thunder are making progress in their buyout negotiations.

There appears to be a strong chance that an agreement will come by Sunday’s midnight waiver deadline.

That would allow Smith to be placed on waivers Monday, and make him a free agent by Wednesday morning.

courtesy: Cleveland Plain Dealer


So, Could the Hornets be interested in signing Smith?  OF COURSE!  It’s probably going to be Cleveland or New Orleans landing the back-up big man.


Drew Gooden has said he is happy to be in Sacramento.

The question now, however, is whether he would be happier somewhere else.

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According to sources with knowledge of the situation, the recently acquired forward from Chicago has had recent discussions with the Kings regarding a possible buyout of the remaining portion of his expiring contract ($7.1 million this season).

While it does not appear likely, Gooden’s window of opportunity to join a potential playoff team closes at 9 p.m. Pacific time tonight. That is the deadline for players to join teams and still be eligible to be on the playoff roster.

If Gooden is bought out, Cleveland and San Antonio would be two likely possibilities.

courtesy: Sacramento Bee