Sports Idiot Of The Week!!!!!

The columnist who wrote the blow article, Tim McMahon, gets our overwhelming vote this week for sports idiot of the week!

To even write an article suggesting Chris Paul could be traded to the Hornets biggest rival for scraps is idiotic! 


Getting Chris Paul could be Plan A for Mavs’ summer

by: Tim MacMahon

Picture Chris Paul in a Mavericks uniform.

That might make it easier for MFFLs to watch this weekend’s home-and-home series with New Orleans if Paul dominates Dallas, as he does most times the Hornets and Mavs meet. But it’s also a realistic scenario for next season.

The thought has apparently crossed Mark Cuban’s mind. Rumor has it the Mavs brass let the powers that be in the Big Easy know before the trade deadline that they’d take the Hornets’ two worst contracts off their hands in a package with Paul. I’d wager the value of Paul’s four-year, max contract extension that kicks in next season that the Mavericks will put on the full-court press with that proposal this summer.

Acquiring Paul, a perennial MVP candidate who hasn’t even hit his prime yet, and a couple of his overpaid pals would be a no-brainer basketball deal for the Mavs. For the Hornets, such a deal would make sense only because of the dollars.


3 Responses

  1. Chris Paul would never be traded to the Mavericks. He will always be a Hornet! 🙂

  2. The big problem with this theory is that while it may provide some short term financial breathing room, the loss of the entire Hornets fan base (especially with Oklahoma now having a team) would be financially devastating long term.

    Drop CP3? You thought the start of last season was bad with 7-8k per game? You’d be lucky to get 3k per game if they sent off Peja, Chandler, and CP3.

    CP3 is the Hornets. It’s still early in his young career, but he has already left a permanent mark on the sports legacy of New Orleans.

    I would support CP3 anywhere he goes. If this team is dumb enough to trade him, I wouldn’t hold that against CP3, but I’d never again support the team that traded him away.

  3. this guy must not realize if paul gets traded, the hornets will prly move to seattle or some other city.

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