Fixing The Hornets

The Hornets bowed out of the post season tonight and now the big question becomes:

Will the team use the injury excuse to describe 2008-2009 and do nothing this off-season…or will they come to the conclusion that this team needs a major overhaul and start looking into radical trades?

Lets assume they go the way of change.

The only player on the roster who is a complete untouchable is Chris Paul.  Besides CP3 no one is safe.

So what happens. 

Let’s start with Tyson Chandler.  I found this interesting clip from a New York newspaper:

“The Hornets tried to trade Chandler at the deadline and there’s reason to believe they’ll consider it again this summer. TC has another year left at $12.2M before he can opt out in 2010. He would fill a need in the paint as a shot-blocker, rebounder and ability to run and get at the rim. What the Knicks — and other teams — need to figure out is if he can get himself healthy and get the edge back in his game. With another payday looming in a year or two (his option year is $13.1M for 2010-11), Chandler has to find his old self again. Perhaps a change of scenery (coaching, system) will be a spark.”


Tyson Chandler To The Knicks?

So, would the Hornets and Knicks consider a sign-and-trade of David Lee for Tyson Chandler? 

I would!

David Lee To The Hornets For Tyson Chandler?

David Lee To The Hornets For Tyson Chandler?

Lee’s looking for 8-10 million per season meaning if the Hornets pulled the trigger on this deal the franchise would actually save a couple of million in the swap.

Another article I found was from Arizona:

“Stoudemire’s future is tied to O’Neal’s. If the Suns can trade Shaq, they’d be more willing to re-up Stoudemire and play him alongside Robin Lopez. But if O’Neal is here next year, Stoudemire might be dealt because Phoenix would need a better defender at power forward.”


Look, I think it would be great for ticket sales if the Hornets could acquire Shaq.  A risky on-court move but a total win off the court!  I just can’t see it happening. Acquiring Shaq’s $20 million dollar contract is difficult.  What seems more likely is Stoudemire being dealt.  So, would the Hornets consider a deal of David West, Hilton Armstrong and a 2nd round pick for Stoudemire? 

I would!

Could David West Be Moved...Possibly To Phoenix?

Could David West Be Moved...Possibly To Phoenix?

Stoudemire is a dynamic offensive player and the Hornets need offense!  Make no mistake, the team could not score this season and they need all the help they can get scoring the ball.  West is also a better fit to play in the front court with Shaq and the Suns get more front court depth in Armstrong. 

Now to coach Byron Scott:

“ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser said earlier this week: Byron Scott has gone from being the NBA coach of the to being on the hot seat.”


Is Byron Scott On The Hot Seat?

Scott has two years left on the contract he signed after last season.  Would owners George Shinn and Gary Chouest take on the $10 million dollar responsibility of firing Scott?

Probably not!

But, if they do decide to make a change keep one name in mind: PJ Brown

Seriously, PJ is as classy an NBA man as you’ll find.  He’s got a championship ring and he loves New Orleans and the Hornets organization. I know he has no coaching experience but neither did Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro when he took over Chicago.  Pat Riley and Avery Johnson had only one season as assistants when they became head coaches and Byron Scott only served two years as an assistant when he took over New Jersey.

So if Byron is out…remember PJ!


PJ Brown...The Next Hornets Head Coach?

As for the rest of the Hornets.  Don’t be surprised if the Hornets try to work on a deal with Detroit to move some parts.  For instance, Would the Pistons consider re-signing Allen Iverson and working a sign and trade deal with the Hornets for former Michigan State hero Morris Peterson and Julian Wright? 

I would!

Allen Iverson As A Hornet?

Allen Iverson As A Hornet?

I think Iverson still has some gas left in the tank….personally I think he’d help the team on the court and the organization help sell tickets.

Personally, I also think the Hornets should try to sign soon-to-be free agent Glen ‘Big baby’ Davis.  The former LSU Tiger would help the Hornets woeful front court and he’d be a huge hit in the community!

Glen Davis Should Be An Off-Season Priority

Glen Davis Should Be An Off-Season Priority

Just some food for thought.  No matter what happens realize that the odds of the Hornets doing nothing are very very slim.


6 Responses

  1. I think we need to clear out the front office including coach Scott. I love Coach Scott but I think it’s time to go. We’ve let some valuable players go because of in my opinion personal reason. They have some great coaches out there. Avery Johnson would sell LOTS of tickets for us as well. So now I think the ball is not in Coach Scott or Jeff Bowers hands, it’s in Mr. Shinns hands. So Mr. Shinn lets see what you’re made of.

  2. Also I forgot to mention. Brandon BAss will be a free agent soon, why not go after him. Also if the rumor that MArk Cuban wants to take these crazy salaries off our hands lets talk to him and see what he wants, but CP3 is off hand. We better get him sopme help.


  3. i would do the first two trades. I wouldn’t bring AI though. He only cares about himself and he’s going to a chemistry killer. Look at Denver before and after they traded him. Obviously with the contract extension Scott won’t be fired but he’s certainly going to feel the pressure next season. I hope the hornets can upgrade the bench.

  4. I am keeping CP3 in my prayers, too.

    Glen “Big Baby” Davis would do well with the Hornets. 🙂 Allen Iverson would do great, too. 🙂

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