Fixing The Hornets (Part 2)

Okay, I’m not gonna lie….some people find religion….I found the NBA.

Since the Hornets moved here in 2002 I’ve become enamoured with the franchise and the league they play in. 

That said, after watching the Hornets embarrassing playoff defeat against Denver I’ve come up with two trades and one free agent signing that will fix the Hornets…are you paying attention Jeff Bower and Byron Scott???  Get these deals done! {Unfortunately, These deals do not in any way help the Hornets significantly get below the NBA luxury tax}. 

FIX #1:tyson_chandlerrichard_hamilto

Trade Tyson Chandler for Rip Hamliton

The deal works perfectly salary-wise and helps both teams.  Chandler gets a fresh start with a team tweaking it’s roster and in need of interior defense.  The Hornets get a dynamic scorer who would immediately start at shooting guard.  Both of these players are reportedly being shopped in trades and both are class guys who would be great in new lockerooms.

FIX #2:andrei_kirilenkopredrag_stojakovic1

Trade Peja Stojakovic for Andrei Kirilenko

This deal works perfectly under NBA salary/trade guidelines.  Kirilenko is constantly fueding with coach Jerry Sloan and seems to need a change of scenery.  Peja is as classy a veteran as a team could ask for so he would no doubt fit in immediately with Sloan and team leader Deron Williams.  Besides, the Jazz could lose sharp shooter Kyle Korver to free agency and Peja would be a great replacement for Utah.  Kirilenko could return to a starting role in New Orleans and provide the Hornets with a super athletic slasher that the team is lacking.  Kirilenko is also a tough defender who’d probably be re-charged to be away from Sloan and playing with all-stars Chris Paul and David West. 

FIX #3:bird11

Re-Sign Chris ‘The Birdman’ Andersen

Letting Andersen go is just one of several blunders the Hornets have made with their bench and young players in recent years.  Hornets executive Chad Shinn loves Andersen and Chris is playing his way into a nice contract for next year.  After forfiting close to 12 million dollars when he was suspended from the NBA Andersen will look to cash in this off-season and could probably be had for a 2 year 5-6 million dollar deal.  And for all the naysayers out there who want to tell me Andersen can’t be a starter…I say…be quiet!  In just 20 minutes a night during the regular season last year ‘Bridman’ averaged 6 points and 6 rebounds per game.  In 35 minutes a game last season for the Hornets Tyson Chandler averaged 8 points and 8 rebounds. Andersen can start and would start at center on my rebuilt Hornets club!    

BONUS FIX:james_poseytravis_outlawsergio_rodriguez

Trade James Posey to Portland For Travis Outlaw and Sergio Rodriguez. 

The Blazers are looking for a veteran force to get their young team over the hump and Portland is reportedly willing to part with Outlaw and Rodriguez to get this done.  Outlaw would give the Hornets more bench scoring and Rodriguez would most certainly beat out Antonio Daniels to be the back-up point guard.  The Hornets also save about a million dollars in this trade. 

Or trade Posey to Dallas for Jerry Stackhouse.

If the Mavs would take Posey this would help the Hornets financially.  Stack’s contract next season is 7.2 million but only 2 million is guaranteed so the Hornets could trade for him then pay him 2 million…cut him and save 5.2 million toward the luxury tax.   

Personally I’d have no problems entering 2009-2010 season with the Following line-up and bench:

1. Chris Paul 

2.  Rip Hamilton 

3.  Andrei Kirilenko 

4.  David West 

5.  Chris Andersen

Bench: Antonio Daniels, Sergio Rodriguez, Morris Peterson, Rasual Butler, Travis Outlaw, Sean Marks, Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong…as well as the Hornets 2009 1st round draft pick (and hopefully the Hornets pick one of three players in the draft at #21 in the 1st round: Ohio State C BJ Mullins, St. Mary’s College PG Patrick Mills or North Carolina PF Tyler Hansbrough).


4 Responses

  1. Hey Fletcher, what do you think about this trade senerio.

    The Hornets trading Tyson to Philly, Hilton, Mo Pete & JuJu to Detriot, & receiving Marc Gasol & Darko Milicic from Memphis, Jason Smith & Marreese Speights from Philly, and Tayshaun Prince from Detriot. Memphis would get Samuel Dalembert from Philly.

    Tell me Fletcher what do you think about this trade?

  2. Or try this one Fletcher,

    Trade R. Butler to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas and in the off season let go some of the baggage we’re carrying and go after Big Baby from Boston and Brandon from Dallas. And go get Pargo back.

    What do you think about this one?

  3. i like the trades…anderson is a character but if scott can deal with that so be it. Rodriguez needs a change of scenery and outlaw is also a character.

    As far as the trades that raymond suggested: trade 1. interesting but highly unlikely

    trade 2. bulls aren’t going to give up ty thomas especially after this series…i would bring pargo back if he is willing to come back for less, brandon bass, im still not high on. big baby if we can get for less then do it.

  4. I agree: Re-sign the Chris ‘The Birdman’ Andersen. 😀

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