Fixing The Hornets (Take 3)

This is the third installment of what will be many aimed at fixing the Hornets.

And remember, last year my plan to fix the Hornets and get the team to the NBA finals would have worked perfecly…had anyone listened!

One year ago on this blog I proposed three deals.  Looking back, all would have worked out perfectly.

I suggested the team Sign restricted free agent Delonte West, Re-Sign center Chris Andersen and trade for Sacramento’s Ron Artest.  I outlined how all the deals were possible.  NONE HAPPENED! 

Now all three of these guys are starring in the post season while the Hornets are sitting at home trying to answer dozens of questions about the future of the team on the court.

So…now that I’m done gloating…let’s get back to work fixing the Hornets.

If you scroll down to past blogs (fixing the Hornets take 1 and take 2) you’ll find several proposed trades that help the team on the court.  But this off-season is not just about helping the team on the floor….the Hornets must shed salary to get below the NBA’s dreaded luxury tax.

With Tyson Chandler being banged up moving David West is in fact a real possability.    

That said, long-time Chicago based NBA writer Sam Smith wrote and article this morning and what he proposed is something I’ve gotta believe the Hornets will consider.

Trade David West To Chicago For Tyrus Thomas And Two 1st Round Draft Picks


Trading West for the former LSU star and two picks gets the Hornets under the luxury tax…gets them a young player (Tyrus) who could be an all-star and gives the Hornets three picks in the 1st round of this June’s draft.

Granted, none of the three picks is a lottery pick but getting guys at #16, #21 and #26 would provide the Hornets with some young guns to help CP3 and Tyrus Thomas and no doubt deepen a weak bench…..[with the three picks I’d take SF Chase Budinger from Arizona (16th), PF Tyler Hansborugh from North Carolina (21st) and SG Marcus Thornton from LSU (26th)].   

Add Julian Wright to the mix of Cp3/Thomas and the rookies I mentioned and the  Hornets have a young group still capable of competing.

Just a thought.  I know trading a valuable commodity like David West seems unfathomable but the Hornets have to make moves that keep the team viable financially and this deal does that.

The big question with this deal is will Byron Scott be patient and willing to coach a team that’s filled with guys he’ll need to take some time with???

My bet is NO!!!

But if a deal between Chicago and New Orleans could be made and the Hornets could workout a deal with Portland to move James Posey (a deal I wrote about in fixing the Hornets take 2) the Hornets would be a dangerous (young and cheap) team.

Also from my earlier “Take 2” blog I’d also try to move Peja Stojakovic one-for-one to Uath for Andrei Kirilenko. 



Fletcher’s 2009-2010 Hornets: 15 man roster (below the luxury tax & competative)

1. Chris Paul (Back-up: Sergio Rodriguez, Antonio Daniels)

2. Rasual Butler (Back-up: Marcus Thornton, Morris Peterson)

3. Travis Outlaw (Back-up: Andrei Kirilenko, Chase Budinger)

4. Tyrus Thomas (Julian Wright, Tyler Hansborugh)

5. Tyson Chandler (Back-up: Sean Marks, Hilton Armstrong)


3 Responses

  1. This sounds good! 🙂

  2. All pretty good ideas. I don’t know if Birdman would want to come back here though. Is there no animosity between him and the Hornets? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Also, what about making a big time trade in the draft to draft the big man from UCONN? I would love to see him play with Paul.

  3. love your enthusiasm but we shall see if they make any trades.

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