Stop Talking About Pargo

I’ve got to say, I’m sick of hearing people ask questions about Jannero Pargo.  I’m sick of listening to people try to tell me Pargo was the missing link for the Hornets last season.



Look, I like Pargo.  I think he’s a good guy, a solid veteran and a nice bench player…but Pargo is not a difference-maker, Pargo is not a star…Pargo is barely a good bench player.

Am I the only person who remembers the articles and TV commentaries from the first half of the 2008 season?  All the media could talk about was how bad the Hornets bench was…and the bench was led by Jannero Pargo!

Pargo and the bench were so bad the team was forced to take on a terrible contract in a trade in order to acquire Bonzi Wells.

Pargo was a complete non-factor in the post season against Dallas and San Antonio.  Pargo only woke up in game seven of last year’s playoffs finishing  with 17 points against the Spurs in that contest (but despite those 17 late game points he still missed a wide open three point shot that would have sent the game to overtime).

Sure, Pargo had moments where he came off the bench and delivered big shots but those moments were few and far between.



Their was a reason no team in the NBA gave Pargo a deal better than the Hornets offered.  HE’S NOT WORTH IT!

{When no NBA team would meet his demands Pargo signed a 1 year $4 million dollar deal with a Russian professional team}

I understand sports fans in New Orleans understand football much better than basketball so I’ll break it down in a language people understand: That language being called “hut hut.”

If the Saints had lost Devery Henderson to free agency would the Saints offense stop moving the ball?  NO WAY!

Devery is a nice player who at times shines but who’s also inconsistent…and Devery is a football version of Pargo.

Devery & Pargo are good players but guys who are not necessary for a team to win. 

So all the Hornets fans out there….please please please stop e-mailing me and telling me that the reason the Hornets under achieved this season and the reason they got throttled in the playoffs is because Jannero Pargo was not on the roster.

Could the Hornets use Pargo?  Yes.  Is Pargo better than Antonio Daniels?  Yes.  But Pargo should only be back on a deal that pays him $2 million dollars annually…Pargo is not worth a penny more than that!

What the Hornets have to focus on finding is another go-to starter.  A player that can provide a major impact each and every night along side Chris Paul and David West. 


That’s what Hornets fans should be yapping about…signing or trading for another impact player!


2 Responses

  1. I agree: People need to stop talking about Jannero Pargo; they need to focus on other matters.

  2. Pargo was missed this season. No one said that he’d bring the Hornets a championship but what he brought off the bench in 07-08 was more than any player did in 08-09. If he has anything left in his tank after playing in Russia/Greece and they can bring him back for a nice price, do it. Perhaps $2mil or $2.5 mil wouldn’t be bad. Then get rid of Brown and Daniels, and maybe Peterson, get another guard, another big and try their best to stay healthy and things should be looking up for our Hornets.

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