Great Article About Tim Floyd

A man of character
by Paul Shirley / May 26, 2009

  For most people, the name Tim Floyd doesn’t evoke any particular image. In their minds, he performs a meaningless task – head basketball coach – at a college – USC – that’s not even well-known for having a basketball program. Therefore, his is just another name and he is just another overpaid coach who may or may not be guilty of paying a young man to play basketball.

I’m writing to make an appeal to those people. I want them to know that Tim Floyd is not just another forgettable basketball coach. He happens to be a very good basketball coach, but that’s not the point, and that’s not why you should care what happens to him. You should care for this reason: In a world that sees fewer of them with each passing year, Tim Floyd is a good man.



I played for Coach Floyd at Iowa State. I was no hotly-pursued recruit; the closest thing to a scandal during my senior year of high school was the coach at Navy telling me I’d never amount to anything if I didn’t play for him. Coach Floyd learned about me through an old assistant of his when I turned down that coach’s employer, the University of North Dakota. (That they didn’t know where the roads were buried under the snow in winter did not help that school’s case.) Floyd became interested in my basketball abilities late in the year, though, and by the time we made contact, he had given away his last scholarship.

{Fletcher’s Take: Tim Floyd of course coached the UNO Privateers and the New Orleans Hornets.  I always though Floyd was a good man and a tremendous coach.  I though he got a raw deal from George Shinn when the Hornets fired him and that he should have gotten more time to build an NBA team.  I remember two games (at home vs. the Pacers and on the road vs. the Pistons) during the 2003-2004 season where he drew up amazing plays coming out of a time outs.  I wish Floyd the best and hope the shaddy characters associated with OJ Mayo don’t drag his name through the mud too much.}


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  1. This article is a good read!

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