Thornton Working Out For Hornets

Marcus Thornton, a shooting guard who just finished his senior at LSU will workout for the Hornets on June 8th.



The Hornets will workout dozens of college and international players in preparation for the NBA draft which is the last week of June.

New Orleans has the 21st overall pick in the 1st round of the 2009 draft. 

Last year the Hornets sold their pick to Portland for cash.    

Thornton was named the SEC player of the year following a senior season in which he led LSU to the NCAA tournament.   

LSU Kentucky Basketball


The Hornets need help scoring and Thornton seems to be the kind of player coach Byron Scott likes (a tough, seasoned college player).

Many experts predict that Thornton could turn into a Jason Terry type player.

Lets just hope that if the Hornets select Thornton coach Scott doesn’t bury him on the bench like the last SEC player of the year the Hornets picked in the draft.  That player was Brandon Bass in 2005…..he’s now a tremendous bench player for the Dallas Mavericks.  Scott buried Bass on the Bench for two seasons and let him leave when he hit free agency because he thought Bass would never be a solid NBA player.


2 Responses

  1. That’s cool how Marcus Thornton will be working out for the Hornets!

  2. it could work out..another 3 point threat..hopefully scott can be patient

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