Nando De Colo

No…I didn’t close my eyes and type on the keyboard.

Nando De Colo is a persons name.

Nando De Colo is actually a guy Hornets fans may want to remember.

Nando De Colo could be the 21st overall pick in the 1st round of the 2009 NBA draft.

So, who is Nando De Colo?  He’s a 6’5 combo guard from France.


To Read more about De Colo click on the article below.

To see De Colo in action check out the youtube clip below.


Look, I think the player the Hornets should draft with the 21st overall pick next month is University of North Carolina power forward Tyler Hansbrough.  I think the Hornets need front court help and Hansbrough is a perfect fit behind David West.  Hansbrough is a seasoned, mature college player who’s tough and hustles.  Even Byron Scott would seemingly like this guy…and Scott doesn’t care for rookies.     


But, if the Hornets pass on Hansbrough (and LSU sharp shooter Marcus Thornton) then maybe they make an inspired move and draft De Colo….who knows…..maybe he’ll become the next Manu Ginobili.


3 Responses

  1. don’t know much about him. it could be interesting.

  2. I think either Nando De Colo or Tyler Hansbrough would be a good draft pick for the Hornets. 🙂

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