Hornets & David Lee

The New York Post is reporting that the New York Knicks are looking for a point guard in a sign and trade deal for center David Lee.

Lee is a double-double machine who’s had a tough time finding offers as a restricted free agent.  The former Florida Gator cannot get a fair contract because teams are afraid that the Knicks will match any offer they make to Lee.

So, if the Knicks decide to trade Lee and they are looking for a point guard in return why not call the Hornets?

The Hornets can offer a veteran point guard, a veteran wing player and give the Knicks tremendous salary relief for the 2010 free agent bonanza. 


David Lee for Antonio Daniels & Rasual Butler (the Hornets could also throw in a 1st round pick to sweeten the deal if needed).

The big question for New York is:  Would the Knicks take average veteran players for an up and coming front line all star?

The Knicks are trying to stock-pile money in an attmept to land Lebron and perhaps even Chris Bosh in 2010…and Daniels and Butler are servicable players with expiring contracts (Daniels $6.5 million, Butler $3.5 million). 

The big question for the cash strapped Hornets is:  Can they trade Tyson Chandler to make room for Lee and would the Hornets want to take on a contract that adds to their already hefty payroll?  Maybe if the Hornets could give Tyson Chandler to the Pistons for a trade exception (The same way Denver gave Marcus Camby to the Clippers last year) this deal could happen.

But, if the Hornets can’t dump salary their is no way they’d take on another big contract. 

Just a thought.


5 Responses

  1. we could play lee at small forward

  2. Still I think our biggest problem is not Tyson but Peja. If we can trade him I think we’ll be in good shape. Hilton, Mo Pete, Antonio Daniels & Sean Marks needs to go as well.
    If we could trade any of these guys for Lee then lets go, but I still think we’re stuck for the next at least in my opinion 2 years.

    Also again I think we need a new GM immediately.

    So in a nut shell, we’re still in a hole and it’s very hard to dig our way out.


  3. David Lee would do well for the Hornets.

  4. Letting Pargo get away to Chicago for $2M was a mistake!
    $2M is cheap for 8-10 ppg and to a guy who already knows the system and LIKES IT HERE!!!!!!

    Bower’s gotta’ go now…Byron’s gotta’ go next year!!!!

  5. Lee would be a good addition to the team, especially since he killed us at home this year. But IMO, DAVID WEST needs to go! I know the loyals would have a fit, but he is not playing to his “All Star potential”, and ever since he got the one game suspension for the flagrant foul against Mike Miller he has become a whiner, doesn’t use his body to bang in the low post and relies on his mid range jumper too much. Rasual Butler is NOT focused on basketball as much as the social scene. Also Peja needs to go…we need a banger at the 4 and a slasher/shooter at the 2. Scott needs to PLAY Julian Wright and let him out the dog house

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