Significant Hornets Move??? published this little nugget a few days ago about the Hornets.

“There’s more work to be done, and Bower has even hinted at a significant move that will change the team’s core group…”

Bower is of course Hornets general manager Jeff Bower. 

I’m not sure how much validity their is to this sentence but lets assume it’s true.  Shaking up the ‘core’ means trading David West.  No question about it!

So are the Hornets trying to move one of their two really bad contracts (Peja, Tyson) with West?  I’d say, probably so.

Now I realize the Hornets may be talking to a number of teams but for some reason I can’t get the Chicago Bulls out of my head!

A deal that works under the NBA salary trade guidlines would be:

David West & Peja Stojakovic to Chicago Bulls

Brad Miller & Tyrus Thomas to New Orleans Hornets

The Bulls get an All-Star power forward to play alongside Joakim Noah in their front court and a shooter in Peja who can help replace some of the pop off the bench they lost when Ben Gordon left via free agency.    

 The Hornets get a young power forward from Louisiana who’s underachieved but who could still be really good.  They also get a tough, veteran big man in Miller.  This deal also helps the Hornets financially because Thomas and Miller both have expiring contracts.

If the Hornets did this deal and signed another reasonably priced veteran big man (*Drew Gooden or Joe Smith) their starting line-up and bench would look as follows.

1. Chris Paul (Darren Collison)

2. Rasual Butler (Marcus Thornton)

3. Julian Wright (James Posey)

4. Tyrus Thomas (*Drew Gooden or Joe Smith)

5. Tyson Chandler (Brad Miller)

Antonio Daniels, Morris Peterson, Devin Brown and Hilton Armstrong are also on the roster but are all really dead money because I can’t see them having significant roles.

If a deal like this one happened I’d be okay with it.  The Hornets get tons of financial flexibility after the 2009-2010 season and could perhaps use that money to sign a quality free agent.

Plus, I like the young core of CP3, Tyrus Thomas, Julian Wright, Marcus Thornton and Darren Collison.


3 Responses

  1. as much as I would hate to see West go, I think this trade benefits them. Thomas is a defensive minded scorer and getting Brad Miller to back up Chandler will be a great insurance policy especially if Chandler goes down.

  2. This sounds like a good trade to me.

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    Thank you

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