Chandler/Okafor Trade Analysis


1. The Trade

2. Kudos George

3. My Opinion

4. The Team

5. Are They Done?

The Trade

If the Hornets and Bobcats trade centers as is expected today (Tuesday) I’d say the Hornets came out on top.

The deal is a one player for one player swap…Tyson Chandler for Emeka Okafor.

The Hornets get a durable rebounding machine in Emeka Okafor.  The 26 year old former University of Connecticut star averages 14 points and 10 rebounds per game.

Sure, the Hornets are taking on a tremendous salary (Okafor is due a total of $63 million dollars through the 2014 season) but the 6’10 250 pounder helps the Hornets win now.

Charlotte gets a solid center in Chandler but a player who’s not as good as or durable as Okafor.  The Bobcats do get salary relief because Chandler’s deal ends after the 2011 season (Chandler’s contract could end after this season if he exercises an early termination clause).

The Hornets front court now features two rugged, passionate and smart players in David West and Emeka Okafor.

Kudos George

Kudos to Hornets owner George Shinn for making a commitment to winning and going after Okafor. 

All offseason Shinn and the Hornets have been beaten up for their lack of activity.

They’ve now made a big splash and deserve a pat on the back for keeping the franchise competative and in the hunt for a Western Conference title.

My Opinion

I love the deal!  I think Okafor is perfect for the Hornets and will be a much better player than Tyson Chandler ever was.  No offense to Tyson, I love him as a person and think he’s a quality player….but Okafor is better.   

Heck, I wish the Hornets would let it ride and see if the Charlotte Bobcats would add another player into the deal.  If the Hornets could get Gerald Wallace from the Bobcats for a package that included Antonio Daniels, Julian Wright and a 1st round pick then the Hornets would be arguably the force in the west.

I can’t imagine Charlotte giving away their two best players in a salary dump but I guess crazier things have happened. 

In reality…it’s going to be a one for one deal and I like Okafor for Chandler.    

The Team           

The Hornets will now trot out a starting five of:

1. Chris Paul

2. Rasual Butler

3. Julian Wright

4. David West

5. Emeka Okafor

Top reserves off the bench figure to be James Posey, Peja Stojakovic, Darren Collison, Marcus Thornton and Hilton Armstrong.  I can’t see Morris Peterson and Antonio Daniels having significant roles on this club. 

The above players give the Hornets 12 players under contract.  The team can carry up to 15 players. 

Look for the Hornets to add one more big man…possibly a player like Joe Smith or Hakim Warrick. 

The final two roster spots should be a couple of young big guys I saw play with the Hornets in the Las Vegas summer league.  Remember the names Marc Salyers, Brian Cusworth and Earl Barron.  In my opinion, all three of these guys can play and could easily make the Hornets final roster.        

Are The Done? 

I’m not sure the Hornets are done wheeling and dealing.  I think general manager Jeff Bower will keep working hard to trade some of the dead-weight contracts the team is stuck with.  If it’s at all possible to move MoPete or Antonio Daniels they’ll do it!  I would not be surprised to see a young player like Julian Wright, a key bench player like James Posey or future 1st round draft picks moved before training camp if the Hornets could get a quality veteran with an expiring contract back in return.


3 Responses

  1. the owner of the bobcats did mention wanting to sell the team…so the wallace trade isn’t too far fetched. I like the fact we made so noise but we need to take care of things financially.

  2. The Okafor-Chandler trade sounds very good.

  3. Their climber was so skilled it made taking down the diseased tree look easy. We have had some real winners?!?!?

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