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BCS Predictions
August 28, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah….It’s August…but why not try to pick teams that’ll be playing in BCS bowl games?

Here goes….my wild and crazy BCS predictions:

***BCS National Championship:

Virginia Tech (13-0) vs. Texas (13-0)

ACC Champion vs. Big XII Champion.

Both teams finish undefeated making their entry into the title game a no-brainer.

***Rose Bowl:

Oregon (11-1) vs. Ohio State (11-1)

PAC-10 Champion vs. Big X Champion

Oregon suffers a surprising loss against one of two mid-major teams on their schedule…Boise St. or Utah….but the Ducks come back to beat USC and Cal to win the conference title.

Ohio State loses to USC early but runs the table after that defeat. 

***Orange Bowl:

Florida (12-1) vs. Pittsburgh (8-4)

At-large (SEC #2) vs. Big East Champion

Florida runs the table during the regular season and is poised to play for a National Title but gets upset by Ole Miss in the SEC Championship game.

Pitt is the champion of the worst BCS league.  The Panthers get blown out of this game worse than Hawaii was blown out by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl 2008. 

***Fiesta Bowl:

Oklahoma State (11-1) vs. USC (11-1)

At-Large (Big XII #3) vs. At-Large (PAC-10 #2)

Oklahoma State slids into the BCS after Texas destroys Kansas in the Big XII Championship game.  The Cowboys upset archrival Oklahoma to eliminate them from the BCS.  OSU’s only loss comes against Texas. 

USC falls to Oregon in Eugene making the Ducks the PAC-10 Champions.  USC plays in it’s 8th straight BCS as an at-large.   


***Sugar Bowl:

Ole Miss (12-1) vs. Penn State (11-1)

SEC Champion vs. At-Large (Big X #2)

Ole Miss earns the automatic birth into the BCS as the SEC Champions when they upset heavily favored Florida in the SEC Championship game.  The Rebels only loss all season comes against Alabama.

Penn State’s only loss is to Ohio State.  


***Cotton Bowl:

LSU (9-3) vs. Oklahoma (10-2)

Tigers lose to Florida, Ole Miss and Arkansas. 

Oklahoma falls to Texas and OSU. 

***Capitol One Bowl:

Alabama (9-3) vs. Iowa (9-3)

Saban and the Tide lose to Virginia Tech, LSU and in a surprise loss….Auburn in the Iron Bowl.   

***Heisman Trophy Winner:

Colt McCoy

***Non-BCS Schools to keep and eye on:


The Horned Frogs have a soft schedule and could run the table.

Southern Miss.

If the Golden Eagles get past Virginia and Kansas in back-to-back weeks they could be poised to go undefeated.


Smoke Laval Takes Over At UNF
August 23, 2009

Dusty Rhodes, the only head baseball coach at the University of North Florida in school history, will announce his retirement at a news conference on Monday. A source close to the team said Rhodes’ replacement will be former LSU coach Ray “Smoke” Laval.



Rhodes will coach the Ospreys in 2010 and then retire.

Rhodes has been the Ospreys’ coach for 21 years, compiling an 879-420 record. He has guided UNF to 16 postseason appearances, including five World Series appearances, four district championships while in the NAIA and six conference championships in NCAA Division II.

Rhodes, 63, said he first talked about retiring two years ago to UNF President John Delaney.

“I talked with President Delaney about this [retiring] a couple years ago and he wanted me to stay until we completed our transition into Division I,” Rhodes said. “I just turned 63 and 21 seasons is a long time.”

Just My Opinion
August 19, 2009


Maybe I’m crazy and I’ll take the heat for this thought if it’s not true…but…I can’t stop thinking about Malcolm Jenkins and how he’s going to fit in with the Saints this season.

In my opinion…I believe it’s possible that Jenkins plays a lot at safety with Darren Sharper.  I can’t stop envisioning a defensive secondary of Sharper, Jenkins, Porter and Greer.

Roman Harper did not look good in pass coverage against Cincinnati and it would not surprise me one bit to see Jenkins take snaps from him.  Jenkins could also play corner in nickel packages. 

Maybe I’m crazy but getting your best guys on the field is what Gregg Williams preaches and in my opinion the best four DB’s are: Sharper, Jenkins, Porter and Greer. 


Bobby McCray and Anthony Hargrove continue to shine and will be the starters when Charles Grant and Will Smith serve their suspensions the first four games on the regular season.

 In my opinion I really believe that Smith and Grant are going to have a tough time getting their jobs back.  Hargrove is the talk of camp…Gregg Williams raves about him.  McCray has also looked good in practice bringing pressure.


Just like all fans, I’m excited about the return of John Carney.  But realize Garrett Hartley is the future.  He’s a great young kicker with a bright future in the league.  When Hartley returns in week 4 the Saints will either keep both kickers (using Hartley for kick-offs and deep FG’s and Carney for PAT’s and chips shots)….or they’ll cut Carney.  I bet they keep both guys.


Sure, Deuce can’t hook on with a team right now…but wait until week 5 of the NFL season when his suspension ends.

I bet Deuce has several teams looking to improve their short yardage situation or a team that needs a proven guy to fill-in for an injured player. 

Look at the Saints last season…they signed Mike Bell because of injuries and short yardage problems.

Deuce will play in the NFL in 2009…and he’ll play for a good team….he just won’t suit up until late October or early November.


My buddy tells me I’ve been getting beaten-up on Tulane message boards for my analysis of the team and for the prediction that the Wave will finish the 2009 regular season with a 3-9 overall record.

As I’ve said before….I’m a big Tulane fan and want Tulane to do well. 

I’m just under the belief that coach Bob Toledo is not going to get it done offensively.  Trying to play in a pro style offense that controls the clock has never and will never work for Tulane.

Look at all the mid-major teams that have crashed the BCS.  Utah, Hawaii, Boise St…..all run wide open offenses that are based on speed and scoring fast.  Those programs realize that they do not have the guys in the trenches to go toe-to-toe with schools from major conferecnes.

Tulane’s best season ever…1998….12-0…..wide open offesne.

Back in the mid-90’s Buddy Teevens did a great job recruiting but his system was wrong.

With Teevens players Tommy Bowden went 7-4 and 12-0.  The system then assistant Rich Rodriguez  put in place worked and helped Tulane.

Also, Tulane fans laughed at me three years ago when I suggested the school consider hiring Frank Wilson as the head coach.  Just a heads up….I’ll be laughing at you when Wilson is too highly regarded to come to a C-USA school.

Wilson is responsible for recruiting both players Ole Miss had drafted in the 1st round of the NFL draft last April.  He’s responsible for recruiting the top two studs at USM…both of whom are expected to have huge seasons in ’09.  Wilson is now at Tennessee and is already pulling top kids out of Louisiana and bringing them to Knoxville.

Frank Wilson would have been a great hire for Tulane…..let’s just hope that next time the school has to hire a coach he’s still available. 


I love Hornets coach Byron Scott and I hope he pushes the right buttons this season to get the most out of his team. 

I also hope Scott takes a leap of faith and drifts away from his ‘I-love-veteran-players mentality’.  

I’d love to see Scott start Julian Wright and Marcus Thornton.

CP3, Thornton, JuJu, DWest and Emeka sounds like a good starting 5 to me.  Peja, Posey, Collison and Ike are top guys off the bench. 

I know Scott looks at Thornton as a defensive liability but defense wasn’t the Hornets problem during the regular season last year….the team couldn’t score…and Thornton is a scorer.

Also, the Hornets still need another big man…Ike Diogu and Hilton Armstrong aren’t exactly making me feel comfortable right now.  Both former lottery picks who have not produced.   


Who else is excited about Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’ opening Friday?

Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and True Romance (written by Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott)  all amazing, timeless movies that are completely original. 

And finally, let’s hope Hubert Keller wins Top Chef Masters tonight.  In my opinion he’s  the best chef left standing.  The shows airs on Bravo…check it out.

Like Father, Like Son
August 14, 2009

Hebert follows in father’s footsteps

 By Brandon Brigman

Staff Writer

For the first time in six years there will be a new name at quarterback for Greater Atlanta Christian. But it’s a name familiar to Atlanta Falcons fans. Lee and Colton Chapple have held the QB job the last five seasons. Now it’s up to Beaux Hebert, the son of former Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert.


“There definitely is some pressure. I think about it sometimes and I really shouldn’t. This is my first year starting,” Hebert said. “My brother plays at LSU and my dad was in the NFL. I just have to go out and play my hardest. Whatever happens will happen.” Not only is Hebert the new name at quarterback this year, the rising senior legally has a new spelling to his name. During Christmas break Hebert honored his Cajun heritage by changing his name from Bo to Beaux. The new spelling comes from Geaux, which is a popular way Louisiana State University fans cheer for their teams. Hebert grew up an LSU fan and his older brother T-Bob plays for the Tigers.

Gaudin Traded To Yankees
August 7, 2009

NEW YORK (AP) – The New York Yankees have acquired pitcher Chad

Gaudin from the San Diego Padres for a player to be named.

The Yankees announced the trade during Thursday night’s game

against Boston.



The 26-year-old right-hander is 4-10 with a 5.13 ERA in 20 games

for the Padres, including 19 starts.

Gaudin did especially well in late July, giving up three earned

runs or less in five straight starts.

He could fill a couple of roles for the Yankees, either in long

relief or as the No. 5 starter. Sergio Mitre has been shaky since

becoming the fifth starter after the All-Star break.

Gaudin is 32-35 lifetime with two saves and a 4.58 ERA with

Tampa Bay, Toronto, Oakland, the Chicago Cubs and San Diego since



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