Reggie, Thornton & The Wave


First, I’ve asked this question for three seasons and I’ll keep asking it:


In college at USC Reggie was a tremendous threat as a kick…not just a punt….returner!


2003: Led Pac-10 in kickoff returns.

2004: 21 kickoffs for 537 yards (25.6 avg)

2005: 28 kickoffs for 493 yards (17.6 avg).



Coach Payton always says the reason Reggie does not return kickoffs is because players on the opposing team can build up too much speed and could possibly hurt Reggie when hitting him on kickoffs!


If Coach Payton is so concerned about a player getting hurt on kickoffs then why does he put Pierre Thomas back to return kicks?  Why put former 1st rounder Robert Meachem back as a return man?  Are Thomas and Meachem less valuable to the team in Payton’s opinion?

Plus, both of those guys admit they are very inexperienced as kick returners.

Also, with the emergence of Mike Bell it looks as if Reggie will be third string tailback behind Bell and Pierre Thomas.  So why not utilize Reggie in a role that may better fit his skill set?



I always compare Reggie to San Diego’s Darren Sproles….and Sproles is a solid kickoff guy.

So, Coach Payton, give in and let Reggie loose on kickoffs!


The Hornets are two weeks away from starting training camp and I can’t help but think of one thing: 


The answer to that question is simple:

HELL NO!!!!!

But maybe Thornton should be considered for the starting two guard position if he has a solid camp.  Thornton was a scoring machine in college and showed the ability to score at will in the NBA’s Las Vegas Summer League.  And make no mistake, scoring is what the Hornets need.  Barring their playoff disaster against Denver the Hornets played great team defense last season…they just could not score in certain games.  The Hornets need another solid scorer to go along with CP3 and West (Okafor is a great pick-up but not a big time scorer).



So I hope that Coach Byron Scott considers Thornton and gives him a fair chance to start.  I know Scott is not the best at dealing with young players…but maybe’s he’s changed!


Last month I was bombarded with e-mails from irate Tulane Green Wave fans because I predicted that the team would finish 3-9 overall.

Those e-mails have stopped rolling in.  One Tulane fan even called me and told me 3-9 would be the high water mark this season.

After horrible losses to Tulsa and BYU Bob Toledo’s team is at a tremendous low point.  I’d like to believe that the Wave will bounce back with a win against McNeese State on Saturday, September 26th but the Cowboys recently beat I-AA power Appalachian State so they won’t be total pushovers.

This week coach Bob Toledo also had a meltdown at practice and sent his entire team home because he felt the effort they were giving him was not up to par.  Not exactly a moment that makes me (or anyone else) believe this program is headed in the right direction. 

LSU Tulane Football


If Tulane loses to McNeese their is a very good chance the team will finish 0-12 or 1-11…and that might mean it’s time for Bob Toledo to go.

And if Toledo goes…I’ll be lobbying hard for Frank Wilson.

frank wilson



3 Responses

  1. Reggie would be a great kickoff returner for the Saints. 🙂

  2. not a bad idea to put reggie as a kick returner, i would take thornton over mopete but i would let him develop now. as far as tulane goes, it’s embarrassing to watch them on national television. i dont even see the “fight” anymore. dont be surprised with mcneese st pulls the upset

  3. Great idea. It seems that Reggie is most threatening when he has been able to build up speed, and then no one can catch him. The problem with the punt returns, despite the great performance last year, is that he usually doesn’t have enough time to accelerate, and he’s dancing around too much to avoid the oncoming tacklers that he never really gets going. I think if you were to give Reggie 15-20 yards of space, he’d be really effective.

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