Hornets Concerns

As I write this the Hornets trail the Orlando Magic in a preseason game by 36 points!!!!!

Okay, I know it’s only the preseason but I’m a worry-wort and the Hornets worry me.

They’ve looked terrible this preseason.

Sure, I know Emeka Okafor has not played because of a toe injury but still…this team does not look like a Western Conference contender.

Take away all stars Chris Paul and David West because it’s understood that those guys will bring it each night and will be the heart and soul of the team.

Julian Wright does not look like an NBA starter and Peja looks old and inconsistent off the bench…same for James Posey. 

New bench player Darius Songaila seems lost at the uptempo pace of the Hornets offense.

As for the starting shooting guard position…who thought the team would miss Rasual Butler so much? 


I gave up on Morris Peterson last season and this year he’s already seemingly lost his job to Devin Brown….DEVIN BROWN!!!

If Devin Brown is a starter for the Hornets it’s time to start searching for 2010 mock lottery drafts because the Hornets are headed to the lottery!

Rookies Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton have not been given enough playing time for me to formulate an opinion but I will say I do like both players at this point. 

To sum it up, this team better get healthy and start playing at the top of it’s game or in my opinion they’re gonna take another step backwards this season!

Heck, maybe it’s even time to try to make a trade to spark the team before the season begins!  Seriously, if this group can’t get it done start making moves now to try to salvage the season instead of waiting to February and selling off the entire club (except for CP3) in a fire sale.

Just my opinion.


7 Responses

  1. lets wait and see what happens…preseason is preseason…as long as chris paul is healthy this team will be in the playoffs

  2. I really hope that the Hornets have a good season this year. I agree: we have Chris Paul. He always does his best.

  3. Remember how well the Hornets did last preseason? Remember how stoked we all were when they went perfect during the preseason? How did that turn out? I’m ready for the real games to begin! GEAUX HORNETS!!

  4. Once rotations are set and chemistry grows, they’ll be fine.

  5. Geaux Hornets!

  6. The hornets will be fine give them a chance, they are working with alot of new faces. They are going to be up there real soon!
    Keep hope alive

  7. I think we need to watch the coaching staff this year, and the front office. It’s early yeah, but I feel like there’s no unity with the Hornets. When coach Scott gave that as the reason they went to Lafayette for camp, I knew it. But as the coach what can you do to change that.

    When the Saints brought in Coach Gregg Williams, his no tolerance of the players, made them place as a team and togther. Coach Scott needs the same attitude.

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