If A Change Is Made Uptown

I know, this is complete speculation…but if Tulane continues to bomb this season their is a chance a coaching change could be made uptown.

So, who would be a good choice to replace Bob Toledo?

Personally, I think the program needs to hire a young up-and-coming coach that is hungry for his first head coaching job and that will work tirelesly to bring the program back.

Here are a few suggestions: (you’ll notice none of my top choices are offensive or defensive coordinators from BCS conferences.  I think all the good coordinators from the major schools are waiting for BCS head coaching jobs.)

1. (my top choice) Dana Holgorsen:

Offensive Coordinator University of Houston


Fletcher’s Take: Offensive guru familiar with C-USA.

2. Frank Wilson

Wide Receivers Coach University of Tennessee


Fletcher’s Take: Local coach who in the beginning of this decade led O. Perry Walker to great success.  Known as a tremendous recruiter. 

3. Trooper Taylor

Wide Receivers Coach Auburn University


Fletcher’s Take: Former Tulane assistant who understands how the school and it’s athletic program works.

4. Larry Porter

Running Backs Coach LSU


Fletcher’s Take: If LSU makes changes on it’s coaching staff they’ll be made on the offensive side of the ball meaning Porter could be looking for a change of secenry.

5. (longshot candidate) Gus Malzahn

Offensive Coordinator Auburn University


Fletcher’s Take: Longshot because Malzahn is a BCS conference head coach just waiting for a shot. 

6. (Longshot candidate II) Brain Harsin

Offensive Coordinator Boise State University


Fletcher’s Take: Considered one of the best young coaches in college football.  Harsin is from Boise and may not leave his home state and alma mater unless he’s got a golden opportunity.

7. (wild card candidate) Major Applewhite

Offensive Coordinator Rice University


Fletcher’s Take: Until this season I was very high on Applewhite but have cooled on him due to his teams struggles…so he’s a wild card to me.  But I still think he’ll be a great head coach one day.


3 Responses

  1. These are great choices.

  2. Hey Fletcher, I like your choices, but I would like to add one. Calvin Magee, Offensive Coordinator for the University of Michigan. He’s a home grown fella, played for the Tampa Bay Bucs, and Southern University in Baton Rouge, also he was the offensive coordinator for West Va. SO I think he has the experience and would be a great choice.

  3. there isn’t a chance toledo will get fired…he WILL get fired. the team has given up on him and vice-versa. I like the first 4. More-so than a recruiter Tulane needs a coach that will invoke discipline off and on the field. If that happens I can see Tulane winning more games.

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