Hornets Future

I think the Hornets made the right decision by firing Byron Scott.

The NBA had figured out Scott’s system and he was unwilling to change. 

Scott has been replaced by General Manager Jeff Bower.  Bower has never been a head coach at any level.  Bower is also bringing back a familiar face…he’s hired former Hornets head coach Tim Floyd as his top assistant.   

I really hope the players respond to Bower and Floyd and that these two create some dynamic opportunities for Chris Paul and company.  Floyd is a tremendous X’s and O’s coach…but will the team respect him and Bower?

If this season continues to go sideways then look for the Hornets to fire sale every big money veteran they can possibly move at the NBA trade deadline in February and to hire a new coach and general manager next offseason.

I hate to sound like Debbie Downer…but assuming the worst….who are some candidates to become the next Hornets head coach?

1. Avery Johnson

Fan Favorite here in New Orleans who graduated from St. Augustine High School.  Former NBA coach of the year who led the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA finals.  Johnson turned down a job with the Detroit Pistons last summer because they would not meet his salary demands which are reportedly in the 4-5 million dollar annual price range. 


I’m not sure the Hornets would spend that kind of money on a coach…even Avery…so unless Johnson will take a hometown discount I’m not sure he’ll be the next Hornets coach.

2.  P.J. Brown    

Another local who played his college ball at Louisiana Tech and lives in Slidell.  Brown has never coached at any level but he’s respected by every player in the league, he loves the Hornets and loves New Orleans.

3.  Alex English

A former NBA All Star and scoring champion who’s currently an assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors. 

4. Dan Majerle

Former 3 time NBA All Star who is now an assistant coach for the Phoenix Suns. 

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Yes, I’m dead serious!  Why not???  I know Abdul-Jabbar just announced he’s got leukemia but he says it’s very treatable and that he expects a full recovery.  Abdul-Jabbar has been fighting to get an NBA head coaching job for years and has done some very impressive work coaching in various pro leagues and as a special assistant with the Lakers.


I also like the fact that Abdul-Jabbar is 62….he’ll have a sense of urgency.  

6. Sergio Scariolo

An Italian coach who was hired by Spain and then led Spain’s national team to an Olympic silver medal in 2008.   


Scariolo is now coaching in the Russian Super League and would be a quirky choice who could breath new life into the Hornets organization.   

7.  Keith Smart

A former college standout who hit one of the biggest shots in the history of the Superdome (1987 Final Four). Smart is currently an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors.   

8. Tyrone Corbin

Former NBA journeyman player who’s now an assistant coach in Utah for Jerry Sloan.


Now, what about the future of Chris Paul?  Well, the Cleveland Cavaliers have proven that they’ll spend as wildly as anyone to keep Lebron James happy and keep the team competative…will the Hornets do the same? 

I’d say the answer to that question is NO! 

So it’s very important that the Hornets strike gold in the NBA draft lottery next June (assuming they fail to make the playoffs this year…which I think is a good assumption) and that they trade enough salary away at the trade deadline so they are able to secure at least one impact free agent player. 

Fletcher’s 2010 Free Agent Of Choice:

Rudy Gay: A super athletic wing player who could help the Hornets score in bunches.    Gay will have to settle for a deal somewhere in the range of $8-10 million dollars annually because all the really big deals will go to Lebron, Dwayne Wade, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki.


Fletcher’s Lottery Pick:

Donatas Motiejunas: A 7’0 Lithuanian who draws comparsions to Dirk Nowitzki and Andrea Bargnani.  I’d roll the dice and hope Motiejunas is like Nowitzki or Bargnani and not foreign lottery draft busts Darko Milicic or Nickoloz Tskitishvili.




4 Responses

  1. P.J. Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Avery Johnson, and Sergio Scariolo would be good candidates for head coach of the Hornets.

  2. No body might not like this comment but here goes.

    You might like him, but he’s a perfect fit for where we are now. Charles Barkley as GM, and Avery Johnson as head coach. Together the knowledge and wisdom of the game and finding talented players is off the chain.

    This team can become a championship team, but we need a front office and coaching staff that can function together in order to accomplish this.

  3. It would be great if Avery Johnson could coach the hornets..he deserves another shot with an NBA team

    as far as free agents go…Rudy Gay is RFA (this can be a good thing or a bad thing). All I know is that next year’s free agent class is going be insane and the hornets need to cash if they’re going to have success in the long run. Might as well the whole team except for paul in order to save up on some money.

  4. Rudy Gay sounds like a good free agent.

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