Start Making Moves Hornets

Start making moves Hornets!

Look, their are a lot of bad teams in the NBA….teams that have good players to supply to good teams via trade.  If the Hornets wait until the February trade deadline to wheel-and-deal they may not be able to dump the bad contracts they want.


Look, I’m a positive, optimistic person but even if Chris Paul can get healthy fast the Hornets (as they stand now) are not good enough to compete in the Western Conference.  Unless new coaches Jeff Bower and Tim Floyd  know where the fountain of youth is and can bring Peja Stojakovic, James Posey and Morris Peterson to drink from it than this team will not compete.  Unless Bower and Floyd and can wave a magic wand and make lottery busts Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong productive then the Hornets will struggle.

{Also, quickly…I do not know how to post items on but I was forwarded links and see where certain people are beating me up on the message boards for the trades I’ve proposed…I LOVE IT!  If any of the so-called experts sounding off have a better idea (trade) as to how to make the team improve I’d love to hear it….but if they do not, then please be quiet…and please stop saying the team as they stand now can be a contender….it cannot!} 

So Hornets, start making moves now to get better for next season.  The fact that Bower and Floyd are playing youngsters Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton is great…but this team needs to be shaken up.  Changes need to be made…and they better be made soon or the situation will be worse next season…and being bad in back to back years will give Chris Paul another reason to leave once he hits free agency in 2012.

Also…If I were Jeff Bower or Hugh Weber I’d be on the phone now with Golden State trying to pry this guy out of the bay area:


The below clip courtesy of the ESPN Insider:

Now that Stephen Jackson is a Bobcat, one would figure Monta Ellis becomes the man for Golden State.

But as he explained to the Oakland Tribune, he’s not interesting in assuming more responsibility, and wants others to step up.

“I’m not going to put any more on my back,” Ellis told the paper. “I’m not going to do more. Somebody else is going to have to step up and take on the role that Jack had and be that player.”

The team hopes with Jackson now gone, Ellis can “straighten up.”

“Monta’s only chance to be the franchise player was for us to move Jackson,” a team source told the paper. “He’s already going down that road. But getting him away from Jackson will hopefully straighten him up.”

Either way, it’s clear from Ellis’ disparaging comments about Stephen Curry before the season, his feud with Don Nelson last week and what appears to be more griping now that Jackson is gone, Ellis is rather disgruntled as well.

Might a trade be on the way?

Ric Bucher

Ellis has lost his backers

“Monta Ellis’ support system — former VP Chris Mullin and Stephen Jackson — has been dismantled, piece by piece. What’s left are all the people who publicly and privately chastised him for his offseason moped accident two summers ago. From what I’ve seen and heard, he doesn’t believe in the direction of the franchise or that coach Don Nelson believes in him. He hasn’t publicly asked to be traded, but that’s about the only difference between him and Jackson — and that could just be a matter of time.”


6 Responses

  1. i would take the ellis quotes with a grain of salt. Here is my issue with him. He can’t stay healthy. he’s also making 11 mill a year. I mean unless they want peja, juju, and armstrong…i just don’t see it happening.

  2. I like Monta and think he would be a good fit with CP3 but his contract is very bad with 5 years and about 60 million. Got one better for you Fletcher

    Hornets trade Peja and Okafor to Dallas
    Dallas sends Dampier and Josh Howard to Hornets.

    Trade works for both teams and for the Hornets they can still compete and dump salaries because Howards contract is up at years end and Dampiers contract has 2 years but the 2nd year of his contract can be terminated with no penaltes. Plus it would allow the Hornets to go after Bosh or Wade in 2010 because they would have cap space to do so.

  3. Monta Ellis would do well with the Hornets.

  4. the hornets should consider re-shuffling their current starting roster to look something like this I feel:

    C- Sean Marks
    PF- Emeka Okafor
    SF- David West
    SG- Devin Brown
    PG- Darren Collison

    I feel here everyone is using their ability to the fullest. Let’s face it Okafor is not a true center and West is undersized as a PF. If you move these guys down i think they will work weel.

  5. I agree about that.

  6. I agree

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