Just My Opinion

Happy Thanksgiving.

Just some random thoughts…just my opinion.


I think the next three weeks will be the most difficult of the season for the Saints.

New England

@ Washington

@ Atlanta

The Patriots are the Patriots and the game Monday night will be tough.  The Redskins stink on offense but they play good defense and will of course relish the role of spoiler.  Atlanta in ATL is always tough.


If the Saints get through these three games and are 13-0 then I truly believe that they’ll run the table and finish 16-0. The Cowboys, Bucs and Panthers (the Saints final three opponents) don’t scare me at all!


I love Julian Wright.  JuJu has done several segments at our TV station and he’s a talented guy…but he needs a fresh start. 

Since taking over 5 games ago as the new head coach Jeff Bower has played Julian a grand total of 16 minutes (JuJu’s minutes the following 5 games: 1,2,5,8,0).

With the re-emergence of Peja and Posey their is no real role for Julian.

So since I love proposing trades I’ve got another one.

Julian Wright to the Portland Trail Blazers for the rights to Victor Claver.

With Nicolas Batum injured Wright could perhaps find minutes with Portland and could develop with a good group of young players on that team’s roster.  The Hornets would also move closer to getting below the dreaded NBA luxury tax by trading Wright for the rights to a foreign player who’s playing over seas. 

Claver is a spanish pro player whom Portland took in the 1st round (22nd overall) last spring.  The Hornets could bring him over next season and hope he turns into a quality player.



All sorts of rumors are swirling about Byron Scott one day taking over as head coach of the Lakers.  I’ve got a gut instinct that maybe Scott does end up in LA…but taking over the Los Angeles Clippers.  Mike Dunleavy isn’t getting it done and he’s got talent.  If team owner Donald Sterling decides to make a change he should look no further than Scott. 


Byron turned teams around in New Jersey and New Orleans and could probably do quite well with the Clips current roster (he could probably do REALLY well if the Clippers could sign one big free agent in 2010).  Sure, Byron is hard headed and isn’t great at developing young players but the Clippers have talent and I think he’d do well with LA’s other team. 


I think Colt McCoy is the next Drew Brees.  I love the way the Texas Longhorns signal caller plays.  Any team that drafts Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford before McCoy is CRAZY in my mind.  Colt McCoy is the real deal!!!

I also love the Nike uniforms that 10 teams in college football are wearing.  The new Nike Pro Combat uniforms are tremendous.  LSU’s look great…but the best looking duds are worn by TCU.


3 Responses

  1. i think the saints are very much capable of the running the table for 16-0 but i don’t think they’ll want to. I see 14-2 15-1 trying to wrap up the 1 seed.

    Julian wright along with many others need a new start

    byron only works well with veterans

    the unis look interesting

  2. The Saints are going to do well against Atlanta, New England, and Washington! GO SAINTS!!!! 😀

    I agree: Colt McCoy is the next Drew Brees. I hope that both he and Jimmy Clausen will be drafted by very good teams.

  3. Fletcher,

    I’m amused by your attention to how college football player’s look in their uniforms…leave that crap for girls to focus on. When I read a sports blog, I expect analyis – not 2 big pictures of nike clad 19 year olds. Most SEC fans, like myself, dont give two shits about what a player looks like as long as he does his job and represents himself well for our conference. I know your just a never amount to more than a local sportscaster kind of guy, but do us all a favor in the city of New Orleans and try to write something insightful about our sports – not just the crap guys spit off in to make themselves sound knowledgeable about sports in locker rooms.

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