Yes…Another Hornets Trade

Inspired by John Hollinger’s new column…

I have come up yet another trade.

New Orleans Hornets Get:

  • C/PF Anthony Randolph
  • SF Vladimir Radmanovic  
  • SG Raja Bell

Golden State Warriors Get:

  • C Emeka Okafor
  • SF Julian Wright


In Okafor, Golden State gets a player who excells defensively, something that team desperately needs.  Okafor could team with Andris Biedrins to form a formidable front line (all be it a very offensively challenged one, but Golden State has enough fire power to absorb them).  Plus, the Hornets don’t even play Okafor in crunch time so do they really need him anymore?  The Warriors get a super athletic wing defender in Julian Wright…and Wright needs a new home.

The Hornets get an offensive minded C/PF (and a former LSU Tiger) in Randolph.  The Hornets also pick up a very servicable forward in Radmanovic and a veteran SG in Bell.  Plus, Bell’s expiring $5.5 million dollar contract helps the Hornets big time this offseason.


2 Responses

  1. this is sensible…i don’t know how long bell is out but this would give tremendous cap relief…it still doesn’t solve the problem of center though…randolph is 6’11 but you get an offensive-minded player. i think with radmonovic coming you have to facilitate a trade sending peja out

  2. I like how this trade sounds.

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