Nate To New Orleans?

Why not?

Maybe the Hornets should call the Knicks and talk trade.

Below is an excerpt from ESPN today:

As we noted this morning, Nate Robinson‘s agent, after seeing his client get no playing time the last nine games, is asking for a trade.

Robinson signed a one-year, $4 million deal before the season, so his expiring contract might be attractive to teams unwilling to take on salary past this year.

But as Larry Coon of the New York Times writes today, it’s not so easy. First, Robinson, who will have full Bird rights this summer, can veto any trade deal. Though, considering his current status, he probably shouldn’t be too choosey.

Second, Base Year Compensation is at issue. Since the Knicks re-signed Robinson with a raise greater than 20 percent and were over the salary cap, Robinson’s salary for trade purposes is actually only $2,020,179 — what he made last season as a Knick — not the $4 million he’s currently making.

“The team at the other end of the transaction would use Robinson’s full $4 million salary, rather than his BYC amount,” writes Coon. “Working the math the other way, this means that another team would have to trade away at least $3.12 million in order to acquire Robinson.

“See the problem here? The other team would need to trade away more salary than the Knicks could accept. Robinson could not, for example, be traded straight-up for another $4 million player.”

Coon notes some potential creative options for the Knicks to work around this pitfall, but bottom line: trading Robinson isn’t going to be so easy.


Fletcher’s deal: Nate Robinson to the Hornets for Julian Wright and a future 2nd round draft pick.

That deal works under NBA trade regulations and for both team.  The Knicks get a player who fits coach Mike D’Antoni’s system and who doesn’t hurt their chances of landing free agents this summer.

The Hornets get an electric combo guard and potential salary relief this summer.


3 Responses

  1. nate has mad skills but the hornets have a pretty crowded backcourt. it would give us a little cap relief.

  2. Has this blog become nothing more than a place for Fletcher to post wildly speculative Hornets trade ideas? I’d love to read something that is actually interesting instead of this garbage. I’ll give you props for trying to think of things that management might be thinking of but so far you have a zero percent success rate. Time to get another hobby.

  3. Nate would do well with the Hornets.

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