My Last Trade Proposal

Okay….I’m addicted to the trade machines on  and

That said….I’m trying to ween myself off those sites.  But like quitting smoking….it’s HARD!!!

But, I’m going to try and I’m going out with a bang.  MY LAST TRADE PROPOSAL (at least until February when the trade deadline nears!).

Is this ridicously far fetched?  Yep!

But, here goes.  If the Hornets go into full blown rebuild mode (like they should) I’ve come up with a mega 5 team deal that actually helps all parties involved and amazingly works under NBA trade guidelines. This deal also gets the Hornets under the NBA luxury tax, provides them with salary space to work this summer and gets young, talanted players for Chris Paul to run with.

…and away we go….

TEAMS: New Orleans, Portland, Atlanta, Memphis and Sacramento:

  • New Orleans gets:
  • Rudy Fernandez, Kenny Thomas (who’d immediately be bought out), Spencer Hawes, Andres Nocioni, Steven Hunter (who’d be immediately bought out), Hamed Haddadi & Darrell Arthur
  • Portland gets:
  • Hilton Armstrong & Zaza Pachulia 
  • Atlanta gets:
  • James Posey
  • Memphis gets:
  • Andre Miller
  • Julian Wright
  • Sacramento gets:
  • David West
  • Peja Stojakovic
  • Devin Brown


  • New Orleans: I hate to involve David West in any deal but the Hornets aren’t winning with him and moving him allows the team to move their two worst contracts (Peja & Posey).  Make no mistake, the Hornets are giving up the most in this 5 team deal but the mega-trade gets them under the luxury tax and gives the front office enough financial freedom to go sign a quality free agent this summer.  The Hornets also pick up three talented young players in Fernandez, Hawes and Arthur.
  • Portland: The Blazers might be hard pressed to trade away Fernandez but he’s been complaining about playing time since last summer and the Blazers need size with Oden and Przybilla out for the season.  I know Portland is good but they can’t play super small (they had Roy, Blake and Bayless on the floor at crunch time last night) in the post season and expect to win.
  • Atlanta: The Hawks trade a back-up (Pachulia) and get a ‘glue’ guy (Posey) who’s won two titles and might be just what the Hawks need to make a deep run in the Eastern Conference.   
  • Memphis: The Grizzlies add a veteran point guard (Miller) who could lead a team loaded with talent and that seems to be getting a lot better. Memphis also gets a talented former lottery pick (Julian Wright) who needs a change of scenery.
  • Sacramento: The Kings pick-up an all star power forward (West) to play alongside Jason Thompson.  Sure, Peja’s contract is horrible but it expires a year sooner than Nocioni’s does.  Peja is also a fan favorite in Sacramento and he may be rejuvinated going to back to where it all began to finish his career. Devin Brown is a throw-in to make the deal work.

Odds a deal like this will ever happen? WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!

But lets suspend reality for a second and pretend it does.

Your 2010-2011 Hornets would look as follows:

1. Chris Paul

2. Rudy Fernandez

3. Andres Nocioni (or 2010 free agent player X)

4. Darrell Arthur (or 2010 free agent player X)

5. Spencer Hawes or Emeka Okafor

Bench: Darren Collison, Marcus Thornton, Bobby Brown, MoPete, Hamed Haddadi, Darius Songaila, Ike Diogu (if he ever recovers and plays again), 2010 Lottery Draft Pick (perhaps one of these two players: Greg Monroe or Donatas Montiejunas)


5 Responses

  1. I love Rudy and Hawes but i do not like Nocioni contract i rather take back Kevin Martins contract and hope he stays healthy and thats a big if but if he does you have the best back court in the NBA with out question.


    Hornets receive McGrady and C.Landry
    Rockets receive Peja and Okafor

    Hornets receive A.Randolph and C.Maggette
    Warriors receive D.West

    Starting 5
    C Randolph
    PF Songaila or Posey or Wright
    SF Maggette
    SG McGrady
    PG CP3

  3. Rudy would do well with the Hornets.

  4. There is no way that the Hornets should give away Collison.
    (NOTE: See the J.R. Smith trade). But you are spot-on with the suggestion of wholesale changes, before this summer’s lucrative free-agent market…
    I would go as far as to suggest making a package deal for LeBron & D-Wade or at least position the team for that possibility…..

    What’s your take on that proposal?

  5. I like the idea of going after T Mac. and I don’t mind moving Okafor, but I would like to see how D West and T Mac (if we got him) play together before trying to move D…he’s just too good of a scorer.

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