Go All In Hornets!!! Major Rebuilding Effort Is A Good Thing

So….what a crazy day….Yahoo sports reports that the Hornets traded Devin Brown…but they didn’t….the report was wrong!

But the fact that the Hornets were close to moving Brown in a salary dump to Minnesota proves to me that the team is on the verge of  tearing down and rebuilding. 

But how big will the rebuild be?  Will the Hornets move spare parts like Brown and keep the core of the team intact?  Or will they try to totally overhaul the team?

I’m hoping for a total overhaul and here’s why:

As we speak the Hornets are completely healthy….and they’re not good.  West and Okafor are not the front court management envisioned…the Hornets get killed in the paint.  The team also has no consistent shooters and is terrible in transition.  So what kind of a team are the Hornets?  NO ONE KNOWS!  But what we do know is this team as is will be life for death to make the playoffs and if they got in they’d get killed in a first round series by the Lakers or Nuggets or Suns. 

So blow it up!!!!!

Here’s how:

4 team trade: Deal Works Under NBA Trade Guidelines

Teams: New Orleans, Utah, Philadelphia, Los Angeles Lakers

  • New Orleans Hornets Obtain: Mehmet Okur, Elton Brand, Adam Morrison, Jason Kapono
  • Utah Jazz Obtain: David West & Emeka Okafor
  • Philadelphia 76er’s Obtain: Peja Stojakovic & Carlos Boozer
  • L.A. Lakers Obtain: James Posey


Hornets:  The Hornets pick-up two quality starters (Brand and Okur) and get tremendous financial freedom once they buy the other two players in this deal out of  their contracts (or when the two guys contracts expire this summer).  This deal keeps the Hornets competative and gives them room to operate for the future. 

The Hornets get a new frontline with Brand and Okur. Brand is coming off the bench and needs a fresh start.  Okur is a player I’ve always really liked but he’s slumping now and could use a change of secnery.   As I said a few sentences ago…the Hornets would immediately buyout Kapono and maybe Morrison.  It might be worth keeping Morrison till the end of the season and seeing what he’s got since he never got a real shot in the NBA.

Jazz: The Jazz pick-up an all star forward in David West and a solid center in Okafor.  Utah also gets closer (if not under) the NBA’s dreaded luxury tax if they’re part of this trade.  I also truly believe Jerry Sloan would get the most of out Emeka Okafor.  And let’s be honest, like the Hornets…the Jazz need a shake-up trade!

76er’s: The Sixers rid themselves of Brand’s lengthy contract.  With Boozer they get an all star power forward who’s got a $12 million dollar expiring contract this summer.  Peja’s contract is not what Philly would like to take on but he’s coming off the books in 2011 and he is still a servicable player.      

Lakers: The Lakers need bench help bad and Posey will provide a ton of help to a great contender.  Moving Morrison for Posey is a steal for the Lakers.


3 Responses

  1. you lied fletch! last post was not your last trade proposal. all in all i would love this trade but eating up brand’s contract would be tough.

  2. I would love for a team to take peja contract off our hands like the 76ers did years ago when they took Mashburns monster contract and gave us Glean Robertsons expiring contract. The team that could do that is the Rockets with McGrady’s 1yr 25 million contract.

  3. I like the 4-team trade.

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