I’m Back On The Band Wagon

Okay okay okay….I know I’ve been flip flopping like a politician regarding the Hornets but the last few games have really made an impression on me.

I know the Hornets have been playing garbage teams but they are starting to put it all together.  Okafor has been lights out, Paul and West are their all-star selves and the bench (led by Darius Songaila and Marcus Thornton) has been respectable. 

But as good as the Hornets have been the team must get below the NBA’s dreaded luxury tax…meaning trades that help dump salary.  The salary dumping started this week when Hilton Armstrong was traded to Sacramento for a 2nd round pick in 2016.  Armstrong was terrible and a huge bust.  It’s still hard for me to fathom how Byron Scott chose to keep him instead of Chris Andersen.   With the subtraction of Armstrong the Hornets are now within $500,000 of getting below the luxury tax.

That said, I’ve come up with a way for the Hornets to improve on the court and get below the tax.   

Yes, another trade!!!!!

But seriously…this one is ligit.  It helps both teams.

  • Hornets Receive: Corey Maggette & Vladimir Radmonovic
  • Warriors Receive: Peja Stojakovic, Julian Wright & Bobby Brown

Hornets acquiring two players and $15,404,531 worth of salary.

Warriors get three players and $16,128,460 worth of salary. 

WHY:  The Hornets get below the luxury tax and pick up two good players who can help them make a playoff run.  Maggette is all-star caliber and Radamonovic is a quality post season tested forward who can start or come off the bench.   

The Warriors get a young athletic player in Julian Wright and rid themselves of  Maggette’s big contract.  Bobby Brown’s tiny contract ends this summer and Peja comes off the books in 2011.  Maggette is due 30-plus million over the next three seasons.

Golden State is going nowhere and needs a shake-up.  The Hornets need some help financially and can justify Maggette’s contract because it helps them stay competative…which will keep Chris Paul happy.


3 Responses

  1. would be a good trade…but would it happen…i can see them trying to get rid of wright and mopete

  2. This trade sounds really good!

  3. I think if the Hornets did that trade it would make them about a 6th seed, right now they are a 8th seed at best.
    The trade is very realistic, but would the Hornets be willing to take on Maggette’s contract.

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