2010 Saints Mock Draft

Yeah, it’s way too early to start publishing mock drafts…but what the heck!

The Saints have 6 picks in this April’s 7 round NFL draft.  The reason the Saints have only 6 picks is because they traded their 5th round choice in 2010 during last year’s draft to move up and select punter Thomas Morstead. 

And realize this…the Saints will really have 8 rookie players in 2010.  Two players from the class of 2009, safety Chip Vaughn and linebacker Stanley Arnoux, both missed the entire 2009 season due to injury. 

I would also not be surprised to see the Saints deal for an additional value pick for two.  With Jammal Brown expected to regain his starting job in 2010 and with Zach Strief serving as a very reliable back-up perhaps the Saints could dangle Jermon Bushrod to a team like Kansas City and pick up an extra 2nd round selection (KC has two 2nd round picks).  Roman Harper is also a guy who could be dangled as trade bait in an effort to pick up extra selections.   

All that said…lots will probably happen before the end of April and the NFL draft.  But, as of right now, here is my 2010 Saints mock draft: 

***1st Round: 32nd overall pick***

Terrence Cody: Defensive Tackle

6’5 370 lbs.

University of Alabama



Cody is arguably the best run defender in the nation; that department is clearly his specialty, as he rarely records quarterback sacks. Although his 40-yard dash time is nothing to write home about (around 5.6 on an average day), he is actually quite agile and his lateral movement makes him a beast against the run. Cody is probably the second best defensive lineman in this class and he should not have to wait long to hear his name called on Day 1 of the 2010 draft.

Summary Courtesy: www.fftoolbox.com

{Fletcher’s Take: I can’t help but thinking of the Saints games last season when the team got gashed by nearly every running back they faced.  Cody should help tremendously as a run stopper.}

[1st round plan B if Cody isn’t available or if it’s decided he’d be a better fit for a 3-4 defense and not the Saints 4-3: Jared Odrick-DT-Penn St. or DE Jason Pierre Paul from South Florida or DE Ricky Sapp from Clemson…but all three of these players are projected to be gone when the Saints pick.]

***2nd Round: 64th overall pick***

Austen Lane: Defensive End

6’7 270 lbs.

Murray State University



Lane is one of the early risers of the 2010 draft class. A three year starter for Murray State, the Wisconsin native began his career in 2006 when he started nine out of ten games recording 34 tackles, 3.5 for loss, with 2.5 sacks. Lane made a big impact in 2007 when he had 3.5 sacks in 48 total tackles. But, his breakthrough campaign came last fall when Lane posted an impressive 63 tackles, 22 for loss and 12 sacks year.

Austen Lane has good size and strength, and can be extremely disruptive in the open field as a powerful tackler. He is a great athlete with elite initial quickness and an explosive first step; has excellent speed (4.59). Is fluid and agile when turning the corner and he has good closing burst to the quarterback. With great passion for rushing the passer, Lane is an intelligent player and has good feel for the game.

Although, Lane needs to show better effort against the run. He also must add bulk and lower-body strength. On running plays, Lane tries to avoid blocks and is taken out of position too often, so he needs to improve his technique.

At times, Lane was a dominate force, but he is better fitted to the 4-3 base defense where his athleticism and versatility can be better harnessed. A playmaker with room to grow, Lane could become a solid contributor in the NFL. Once viewed as a late Day two pick, Lane is moving up the charts fast. Expect to hear his name being called by the middle of the third round or early fourth.

Summary Courtesy: www.fftoolbox.com

 {Fletcher’s Take:  I expect that Charles Grant will be released and the Saints will address this position early in the draft.} 

***3rd Round: 96th overall pick***

Toby Gerhart: Running Back

6’1 230 lbs

Stanford University



A power back with excellent speed, Gerhart is simply too powerful for many LB and especially defensive backs to handle. He runs with no fear and can surprise defenders with a good burst through the middle. Able to plow through defenders or bounce of them, Gerhart possesses the sound feet and balance to keep plays alive, pushing forward for extra yards with defenders draped over him. Lacks an extra, breakaway gear but has the speed to get outside and makes life miserable for corners trying to bring him down. Shows great patience in letting the play develop and the vision to find a crease. His strength carries over into pass protection and he’s already proficient in this area.

Gerhart has solid hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield. As Stanford’s lone offensive threat, Gerhart routinely had to face extra defenders in the box looking to slow him down. Few succeeded as he was credited with only 40 yards for loss on the entire season.

summary courtesy: www.nfldraftdog.com

{Fletcher’s Take: Gerhart might be long gone by the 3rd round but if he’s there (or if the Saints pick up an additional 2nd round choice) I think the Saints should grab him.  Call me crazy but I think the Saints will part ways with Mike Bell and Gerhart would be the perfect replacement.  To me, Gerhart just jumps out as a Sean Payton type player.} 

***4th Round: 132nd overall pick***

Cameron Sheffiled: Outside Linebacker

6’2 250 lbs.

Troy University



A good overall athlete with good pass rushing skills, Sheffield has good explosion off the line of scrimmage, in addition to great strength he utilizes in his bull-rush technique. He can play the run as well as the pass and will be a good addition to any team in the mid-rounds.

summary courtesy: www.nfldraftbible.com

{Fletcher’s Take: A player who could help immediately on special teams and who could eventually emerge as a starter in 2011 or 2012 for Scott Fujita or Scott Shanle.}


***6th Round: 207th overall pick***

Michael Hoomanawanui: Tight End

6’5 270 lbs.

University of Illinois



Michael Hoomanawanui is an interesting draft prospect. Unlike most of the tight end prospects the past few years, Hoomanawanui has the size to be a devastating blocker at the professional level. Because he’s not an explosive pass catcher, teams will likely bypass him early in the draft, but he will be a valuable pick later in the draft for a team looking to improve their run blocking. He saw action as a freshman, but didn’t record a single catch. During his sophomore and junior seasons, he caught 30 passes for 376 yards and had 4 touchdown receptions. Like most of the Illinois roster, Hoomanawanui had a slow 2009 season. He has just 10 catches for 114 yards as a senior. He isn’t the type of tight end who will stretch the seam against opposing defenses, but he does do a nice job of blocking and then leaking out as a safety valve for the quarterback. Because of his size, he’s also difficult to tackle once he’s caught the ball and has a head of steam. Hoomanawanui is likely to slip into the sixth or even seventh round, but develop into a Jim Kleinsasser type of tight end in the pros.

Summary Courtesy: www.fftoolbox.com

{Fletcher’s Take: After Jeremy Shockey and Dave Thomas the Saints are woefully thin at tight end.  No one knows if Billy Miller will be able to return after rupturing his achillies tendon and Darnell Dinkins certainly isn’t a key member of the offense…so drafting Hoomanawanui makes sense.} 

***7th Round: 246th overall pick***

Rahim Alem: Defensive End

6’3 255 lbs.

Louisiana State University



Don’t let his average defensive end size fool you, this guy can play. He wreaks havoc on passing downs by being very quick off the line, which allows him to go around defenders or use other tactics to make his way to the quarterback. He may need to add some bulk before stepping up to the NFL level, but there is no replacement for the heart and desire he shows on the field.

summary courtesy: www.nfldraftbible.com

{Fletcher’s Take: I’ve just always liked the way this guy played at LSU!!!}


8 Responses

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  2. i would take jared odrick over cody solely on the fact that cody has some character issues. most of these pics are intriguing except i would take dexter mcluster and/or cj spiller over gerhardt in case the saints let go of reggie. gerhardt is mostly a power back and if the saints are keeping bell this pick is pointless.

  3. its an alright mock the only pick i really don’t agree on is the alem pick because of the amount of times i found his outside rush opened a running lane on the left side of our defensive line. there was a point in the season that teams ran at him for that reason. toby gerhardt makes perfect sense because he can give us depth at the full back position especially with our offensive style just imagine having a full back that can run the ball as well as your actual half back

  4. Three defensive linemen out of six picks? We need help, but…. I like the runner and TE, though. And, I’m happy to see you’ve come to your senses and quit predicting we’d draft Tebo.

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