Saints To Franchise Sharper

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Posted by Mike Florio on February 16, 2010 10:21 AM ET

We pointed out yesterday, tongue partially in cheek, the existence of a conflict between two of the many ESPN employees who report on all things NFL regarding whether the Saints will apply the franchise tag to safety Darren Sharper.

Len Pasquarelli says they won’t, and Adam Schefter says they might.

Now, Steve Wyche of (one of the truly great guys we met during Super Bowl week) resolves the dispute.

Wyche said on Monday night’s edition of NFL Network’s Total Access (here’s the video, via that the Saints will apply the franchise tag to Sharper.

It means that Sharper will be tendered a one-year contract with a guaranteed salary of $6.445 million, if/when he accepts the franchise tender.

And he’d be wise to accept the tender as soon as it’s, um, tendered.

Though we can’t tell from the look on his face in the above photo whether he’s happy, upset, or just constipated, Sharper should be ecstatic.  Nearly $6.5 million puts him in the Troy Polamalu/Ed Reed neighborhood.


4 Responses

  1. This is the right move. Darren Sharper is only good for the Saints short term. There is no other player worthy of the franchise tag this year.

  2. If that is true the Saints would be overpaying alot more than they sould because Sharper would probley except a 3yr deal worth 6.5million altogether.

  3. Darren Sharper deserves to have the franchise tag: he is a talented player for the Saints.

  4. From what I am seeing, this is wrong and the Saints are not going to tag Sharper.

    And while I am not opposed to Sharper getting the franchise tag, I think we could sign him to a 2-3 year deal worth 8-12 million or so and that would work out better for both teams.

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