Hornets Draft

Okay, as I write this the Hornets are losing to Milwaukee.

As I’ve been stating…I think the Hornets will miss the playoffs this season.

No post season means NBA draft lottery.

So…what will the Hornets do?  Well, in my opinion they need good players at the wing.

MoPete and Peja are old and inconsistent and Julian Wright has been a bust. 

Now, if the Hornets can trade Darren Collison this offseason for a starting SG/SF then they probably do not have to address those positions in the draft.  If the team foolishly decides to keep Collison to back-up Paul and waste his tremendous trade value then look for a wing player to be selected by the Hornets.

Assuming the Hornets pick between 6th and 14th in the draft lottery here are a few guys that could be in New Orleans next season:

*The Hornets could pick higher but they’ll need a miracle in the lottery for that to happen. 

1. Wesley Johnson: SF Syracuse University


{Fletcher’s Take: Johnson is now flying up mock drafts and could be gone in the top 5 picks…so he may not even be there when the Hornets choose.}

2. Quincy Pondexter: SG University of Washington


3. Greg Monroe: PF Georgetown University


{Fletcher’s take: Personally, I love Monroe, have since days in HS on the West Bank at Helen Cox.  I see a young David West in Monroe.  My only problem with drafting Monroe is the fact that the Hornets really need to try to find a starter in the lottery and if West is still on the team Monroe becomes a back-up for the Hornets.}

4. Donatas Motiejunas: SF/PF/C Lithuania


{Fletcher’s Take:  Motiejunas has been compared to Andrea Bargnani of Toronto.  A soft ‘7 footer who’d rather play outside than inside.  Soft or not, Bargnani does score 17 points a night for the Raptors…so if the Hornets were feeling inspired and were willing to take a risk this could be their guy.}

5. Devin Ebanks: SF University of West Virginia 


Fletcher’s 2nd Round Sleeper Pick (The Marcus Thornton of 2010):

Charles Garcia: PF/SF Seattle University



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  1. i’d go with monroe (local boy) or the dude from Lithuania

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