More Collison Speculation On My Part


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  1. rudy is a whiny baby…don’t trade for him

  2. Posted this on another date, but since it heavily relies on trading Collison, I wanted to re-post my own personal plan for the Hornets:

    1) Don’t let CP3 play another game (we’re not making the playoffs so why risk him getting re-injured) and get as good of a draft pick as possible (I’m not suggesting tanking the season, but we all know that we won’t win as many games without Paul in the lineup).

    2) We’re projected to get the #12 pick right now, but I think Chicago will pass us and we’ll end up with an expected 11th pick (which, of course, could fluctuate as a result of the lottery). Find a way to draft Greg Monroe (6′11″ PF from Georgetown) to replace D-West (easier to do than you probably want to believe), even if it means dealing our 2nd round pick to move up 2 or 3 spots. Monroe is legit.

    3) Offer this trade to Indiana – . We get Danny Granger (who went to high school in the New Orleans area) as well as two scrubs to make the contracts line up (Brandon Rush and Solomon Jones), and Indiana gets a productive D-West and his very salary cap-friendly contract, as well as their new starting PG in Collison since their PG situation is terrible right now (TJ Ford? Not the answer). It makes sense for both teams.

    This would give the Hornets a starting lineup of – CP3, Thornton, Granger, Monroe, Okafor (maybe we start Songaila to begin the season, or even give Diogu another shot to not get injured, but Monroe will be there when the playoffs get close). I think we’d have a real good shot to go deep into the playoffs with that lineup, and we could potentially bolster our bench by utilizing our Peja and Mo Pete expiring contracts.

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