Bring Back Jake…Plus, Fujita In Cleveland

Is it me or is it a no-brainer that the Saints bring back Jake Delhomme to backup Drew Brees?

A classy, popular former Super Bowl/Pro Bowl player who could finish his career in his home state and have a chance at a ring! 

No offense to Mark Brunell who’s a great guy…but Jake would be a perfect backup to Brees and a mentor to Chase Daniel.  Jake can also fill Brunell’s role as the holder on extra points and field goals. 


My only question:  What jersey # does Delhomme wear if he rejoins the black and gold?

During his first Saints stint Delhomme wore #9…..that’s out!

Delhomme changed to jersey #12 once Billy Joe Hobart left the Saints.  #12 is also out (Colston).

The Breaux Bridge resident wears #17 with the Panthers…out (Meachem).

I say assign him jersey #7.  Something about a popular local player wearing the digit of a former great (Morten Andersen).      


Also, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Saints free agent linebacker Scott Fujita is in Cleveland to meet with the Browns. 

Schefter says Fujita is being targeted by the Browns for his strong leadership and experience. 

Charity Check Presentation with Scott Fujita 2008


2 Responses

  1. if they can get delhomme for “real cheap” then i say why not. the problem is he throws way too many interceptions. as far as fujita goes i think he’ll stay with the saints. if the saints lose him they lose a big locker room presence.

  2. In a word: No.

    In more than a word: Bringing back Jake is thinking with your heart and not your head. He hasn’t been a “good” quarterback in a while. Why bring in another aging veteran to back up Brees when we should be focusing on a younger player who could learn from Brees and be the future for the Saints. We already have an aging veteran who wants to play for the Saints who looked pretty good last preseason. No need for another one.

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