2010 March Madness

My 2010 Final Four:

Kentucky: Can’t pick against Calipari and John Wall. 

Syracuse: After watching a report on the tough zone defense the ‘Cuse operates I fell in love with them.

Baylor: Picking more from my heart than my head.  Bears senior Tweety Carter is from Laplace.  He led Reserve Christian to state titles and was an electric player in high school. 

Georgetown: Same as Baylor but insert Greg Monroe for Tweety Carter…plus I love DC.


Gonzaga & St. Mary’s & Xavier:  Going to catholic school from pre-K through college…I always find myself pulling for the catholic schools.  I always pick Gonzaga to make a big run….but be warned…in the past I’ve been burned picking these teams.

UNLV:  I remember the Runnin’ Rebels and Tark the Shark growing up.  Fell in love with them and will always have a big soft spot for UNLV.   

San Diego State:  Aztecs got cheated last year and left out of the field of 64.  They’ll make teams pay this season.

Murray State:  Coach Billy Kennedy is from New Orleans.  He attended Holy Cross High School.  Kennedy coached at Southeastern Louisiana and led the Lions to the NCAA tourney in ’05.  That year SLU almost upset Oklahoma State.  The guy can flat out coach!!! 

  • A matchup that peaks my interest is #6 Marquette vs. #11 Washington.

I don’t know who to pick in this game.  I’ll probably go with Marquette because Buzz Williams has done a great job this season and I love watching his antics on the sideline.  Williams left UNO abruptly as it’s head coach and at the time I (like many New Orleanians) was upset at him.  But given the recent developments at UNO which have unearthed the lack of any type of leadership at the school I have softened regarding Buzz.  The Huskies are always a tough team I enjoy watching.  I remember watching Brandon Roy in the 2006 tournament and becoming a big fan of the Huskies.  UW’s Quincy Pondexter is a player I’d like to see the Hornets perhaps select this June in the NBA Draft.  Marquette also gets a nod right now because Washington has to travel across the country to Jacksonville, Florida to play this game.

Plus, if Marquette wins this game it sets up a huge match up with New Mexico (if the Lobos win….which they will!).

  • It should be a banner week for New Orleans!  The NCAA chose Kentucky and Texas as two of the eight teams playing in New Orleans.  Restaurants and hotels will be inundated with seas of blue…the Wildcat faithful love their hoops!  Great stuff for NOLA!
  •   Personally…I can’t wait to see Wake Forest play Texas Thursday night in New Orleans.  The Demon Deacons have a small forward that I’d love to see the Hornets draft if the Hornets luck out and get a high enough lottery pick this summer.  Remember the name: Al-Farouq Aminu….not that you could forget a name like his!!!

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  1. None of your final four pics made it. Not good. Should have picked Duke.

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