Hey Privateers…I’ll Miss You (Plus…why the LSU System stinks!!!)

The first story in my sportscast tonight was the UNO vs. Tulane baseball game.

In the intro to the highlights I talked about growing up in New Orleans near the campus of UNO and going to countless Privateers sporting events with my parents.  I recall watching hundreds of baseball games in the famed ‘blue zoo’ down the left field line at old Privateer Park (now Maestri Field).  I also have fond memories of going to watch basketball players like Ladell Eckles, Ervin Johnson, Tony Harris and Tank Collins play in the Lakefront Arena.   

As I called the highlights for the game tonight I had to talk about the fact that Tuesday’s game was probably the end of an era on the diamond.  UNO and Tulane will more than likely never play baseball against one another again!  As we all know by now UNO has made the horribly foolish decision to drop from NCAA division I to nonscholarship division III.

It still blows me away that this decision was made!

On top of the recent decision about athletics….what’s happened to UNO since Hurricane Katrina is a clear indication in my mind that the LSU System could care less about New Orleans! 


For years we’ve all heard rumors that the LSU System has held it’s foot on the throat of UNO and stunted it’s growth because they realized the potential UNO had and the draw New Orleans could be.  The rumors have always been that the LSU System didn’t want UNO to grow into a school that could ever compete with LSU.  I never really believed such crazy rumors…but now I do!

For anyone who wants to disagree with the rumors about the LSU System maybe someone could answer the following question for me.

This question is somewhat a comparsion between the two major public university systems in Louisiana….the LSU System and the Univeristy of Louisiana System. 

The LSU System consists of:


The University of Louisiana System consists of:

  • Grambling State University [1]
  • Louisiana Tech University [2]
  • McNeese State University [3]
  • Nicholls State University [4]
  • Northwestern State University [5]
  • Southeastern Louisiana University [6]
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette [7]
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe [8]
  • How can all 8 schools in the University of Louisiana System have fully funded NCAA division I athletic departments…yet UNO has to drop to the lowest NCAA classification??? 

    Answer:  The University of Louisiana System has helped it’s schools flourish while the LSU System has snuffed out every school but LSU.  Do you realize that LSU is now the only school in the LSU System playing NCAA division I sports?   

    In my opinion their is no reason why the University of New Orleans shouldn’t mirror schools like the University of Cincinnati, the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University and the University of Houston.  All major public universities in cities comporable to New Orleans.  All universities that have thrived academically and athletically because the men and women overseeing them were smart enough to realize what they could be.  Their is room in Ohio for the Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.  Their is room in Pennsylvania for Penn State and Pitt and Temple.  Their is room in Texas for the University of Texas and the University of Houston…and their is room in Louisiana for LSU and the University of New Orleans!

    Unfortunatley leaders in New Orleans and Baton Rouge have worked against one another for too long and have seemingly destroyed what could have been so great.

    So goodbye UNO athletics…I will truly miss covering you Privateers and will always wonder why smarter people couldn’t have worked out a better plan.


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    1. Maybe If you spent some time proof reading your post, people would give a darn.

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