The New Orleans Warriors???

I’ve made no secret of the fact that besides the Hornets the Golden State Warriors are my favorite team in the NBA.

And tonight (Monday, March 29th) in the New Orleans Arena I was looking at the deep south version of the Warriors and I loved it!  The Hornets beat the Lakers 108-100 Monday night in the Arena.

Chris Paul, Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton playing on the court together for extended periods allowed the team to run and score at a tremendous clip.

In past blogs I wrote that the Hornets should trade Darren Collison to acquire a small forward or big man….after tonight I’m leaning heavily toward changing my opinion.

Keep Darren Collison and Chris Paul together.  Heck, forget bringing Collison off the bench…start CP3, Collison and Marcus Thornton. 

Why Not???  I know that’s a very, very small….Golden State-esque trio but why not???

Collison and Thornton alongside Paul are far more entertaining and can bring more to a lineup than Morris Peterson and Peja Stojakovic can deliver.

Add in a ready-to-go player (or two) from the draft this summer and maybe the Hornets can bounce back and make some noise next season.

Speaking of next season the Hornets have some major issues to address. 

  • Luxury Tax: The team will be well over the luxury tax to start the season and will probably have to give away a player to get under that tax…just like they gave away Rasual Butler before this season.  My money is on Darius Songaila being dealt away.  Sure, Songaila has been the team’s best bench player but he’s got a nice expiring contract and as I just stated…he can help any team he goes too.
  • Free Agency…FORGETABOUTIT!  The team will have absolutely zero money to spend in free agency.   The only players they’ll be able to sign will be guys making the league minimum.  The only way the Hornets land a star player is if they trade David West.  Which is not out of the realm of possibility….for example….would you move David West & Julian Wright in a sign and trade with Memphis for Rudy Gay?  I would!   
  • Who coaches the team?  As I’ve stated in this blog before…I think Tim Floyd should be the head coach.  I’d love to see what he can do with a healthy team and quality guys who buy into what he teaches.
  • Who do the Hornets draft?  The Hornets didn’t just hit a home run…they hit a grand slam last year when the picked Collison and Thornton….they’ll have to find the magic touch again this summer.   If the Hornets luck out in the lottery and get a top 7 pick they should go with one of these guys: Greg Monroe, Cole Aldrich or Patrick Patterson.  All are quality big men who seem ready to step in immediately and play.  If the Hornets are willing to gamble in the top 7 then maybe they take Hassan Whiteside or Donatas Montiejunas.                                                                                                             If the Hornets pick is not in the top 7 and the team picks in the bottom of the lottery they should take a long look at: Ekpe Udoh, Jan Vesely or Damion James.                                                                                                                        The Memphis Grizzlies also have three 1st round draft picks…If I’m the Hornets General Manager I’m trying to trade Julian Wright one-for-one for one of those selections in an effort to bolster the Hornets roster and hopefully strike gold with a good pick.                                                                                                                         Second round NBA draft picks are usually lucky if they make the team but rookie Marcus Thornton from LSU is becoming a solid starter in the association.  Duplicating Thornton’s success will be near impossible next season but taking a proven college player in the 2nd round is the best bet for the Hornets.  So, in the 2nd round keep an eye on: Trevor Booker, Omar Samhan and Magnum Rolle.                                                                                                                            My personal preferences in the draft are:                                                                                                                                   1st Round: Greg Monroe                                                                                                                    2nd Round: Omar Samhan                                                                                                              Hopefully these two quality big men will be better than the last time the Hornets tried to go big in the draft and failed…..2006….when the took Hilton Armstrong and Cedric Simmons.
  • As for the rest of the Hornets roster in 2010-2011.  I’d expect Aaron Grey to be re-signed.  Also look for the Hornets to be bargin basement shoppers and try to find a player, or players, who can resurrect their careers.  Two guys to keep in mind are Adam Morrison and Ian Mahinmi

Okay….that’s all I got for tonight…sorry I got off topic a bit….so quickly back to where I started. 

Great win for the Hornets tonight….now…just finish strong and make fans believe their is reason for hope next season!!!!


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  1. trade the 3 Ps (posey, peja, peterson) and either trade okafor or west..get a real center, PF.

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