Coach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Look…in previous blogs I’ve made no secret of the fact that I wanted to see Tim Floyd become the Hornets head coach for the 2010/2011 season.

But, since Floyd decided to take the head coaching position at UTEP the Hornets job will no doubt be open this summer.  No one can argue with Floyd’s decision.  The guy is a tremendous coach who has won at every school he’s been employed by (Idaho, UNO, Iowa State, USC).

Tim Floyd was just the lead assistant to Hornets head coach Jeff Bower this season but let’s be honest…Floyd was more or less coaching the team.  It was Floyd that drew up great plays coming out of timeouts and it was Floyd who put together game plans.  I really believe Jeff Bower should be retained as the Hornets general manager but that a new coach should be brought on board.

In my opinion the Hornets would be wise to look at an NBA legend hungry for a head coaching position. 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!


KAJ is an NBA legend who’s longing for an opportunity to coach in the association.  A cancer survivor, the 62 year old Abdul-Jabbar is extremely intelligent and has proven that he can run a team by coaching in developmental leagues.

The NBA’s all time leading scorer, KAJ is a person fans would recgonize and be excited about and KAJ would no doubt work well with smart classy players like Chris Paul, David West, Emeka Okafor and Darren Collison.  

Plus, what do the Hornets have to lose???  Hiring a no name NBA assistant coach as the new Hornets head coach is not going to get the fan base excited. 

Below you’ll find an article talking about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s desire to coach in the NBA and why he’s been overlooked for so long. 

  • Here we have the leading scorer in NBA history. Ever. And he’s not just an athletic savant put on this earth to play one sport better than almost anyone ever has. (Which is what I think of when I think of Joe Montana.) No, Abdul-Jabbar was one of the smartest people ever to play in the NBA, and I do mean ever. He has written books that go far beyond basketball. The guy’s a borderline genius, and if I’ve just written a word that doesn’t belong in this story, fine. Take out the word borderline.   And he wants to coach. He has wanted to coach for years. He has coached in the United States Basketball League in Oklahoma and at the Fort Apache Indian reservation in Arizona. He has served as a scout and as a low-ranking assistant in the NBA. At this moment he is a special assistant for the Lakers, working primarily with young center Andrew Bynum. But Abdul-Jabbar wants to be a head coach in the NBA.  Clearly Abdul-Jabbar wants to be a head coach, but the NBA is too busy recycling Scott Skiles and Don Nelson and proven losers like Alvin Gentry and Mike Dunleavy and Lionel Hollins and Eddie Jordan. This is a league in need of a new idea, and I have it: His name is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  He’s the all-time NBA scoring leader, he’s brilliant, and he’s dying to be a head coach.  What’s the problem here?


4 Responses

  1. two words: Avery Johnson!

  2. yeah i agree the hornets need to hire Avery Johnson

  3. I think that the Hornets need to re-hire Byron Scott. I think that the Hornets only fired Byron to make it look like they made a good move. He was a good coach for the Hornets for five years and made a gutsy move coaching a team that was devastated by Katrina, and took them to the playoffs, which their new coach is not doing. He only was fired because management made bad trades and destroyed his team. Plus now Scott has no job. So get new management AND BRING BACK BYRON SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Are you kidding? Scott was fired because he only wanted to play old vets and didn’t want to be questioned. Look at all the young players he let rot on the bench who then had to be traded away or left. If he had been coaching, thorton and collison would not be having the games they have because they would be warming the bench for peja or someone else. The hornets need a real coach, and they need to go find one!

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