Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome:  An unofficial mantra of the Marine Corps based on the fact that the Corps generally received Army hand-me-downs and the troops were poorly equipped. Despite this, the Marine Corps has been successful mostly because of the creativity of its people and their success-based attitude.

I love this mantra and believe it has to be the mantra for Ed Conroy. 

Sources tell WDSU Conroy is going to be named the new head basketball coach at Tulane University on Wednesday.

A 43-year-old graduate of  The Citadel, Conroy is currently the head coach at that school.

When I first heard that Conroy was going to get the job I was a bit frustrated because I thought Tulane had to hire someone who’s led a team to an NCAA tournament.  But, the more I think about it the more I actually like the hiring of Ed Conroy (and for the record I usually hate all of the coaches Tulane AD Rick Dickson selects).  

Conroy is a guy who comes from a disciplined military background and who knows how to improvise, adapt and overcome…things he’ll have to do at Tulane.  At Tulane, Conroy will have to deal with academic restrictions and lack of elite facilities.  Because of those two issues many look at Tulane as a bad place to work.  But the right coach can win at Tulane if he does not make excuses….basically, the school needs a coach capable of improvising, adapting and overcoming obstacles.  So I believe Tulane found the right guy in Ed Conroy!

{Quick Sidebar: guys like Sean Finney, Dave Dickerson, Chris Scelfo and Bob Toledo use…and used for the two former coaches mentioned…academics and facilities as a crutch and therefore had no success!  You don’t hear winning coaches like Rick Jones and Lisa Stockton complaining).

So good luck Ed Conroy…I’ve got confidence that you’ll work hard…recruit smart, disciplined players and win big!

To learn more about Ed Conroy check out his website:


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  1. first order of business to is to recruit big men and then get a replacement for kevin sims..gonna be a long least they’re in a winable conference

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