2010 Saints Mock Draft (Guest Version)

Below this foolish blog entry you’ll find the REAL Saints 2010 mock draft.

These are the opinions of some guest bloggers I decided to let contaminate my site!!!

WDSU News Anchors Scott Walker & Randi Rousseau (Walker used to be a sports anchor):

Scott Walker Saints 1st Round Pick:

Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, University of Missouri


Way to go out on a limb Scott!  Weatherspoon probably won’t be available at #32 in the 1st round but if he is on the board the Saints should sprint to the podium to pick him!

Randi Rousseau 1st Round Pick:

Tim Tebow, QB/H-back, University of Florida

Randi with a surprise pick.  Her reasoning for the Tebow selection:  He’s cute…plus he has all the intangibles that championship teams are made of.

WDSU Executive Producer Rich Kiss (New Yorker…Giants Fan)

Rich Kiss Saints 1st Round Pick:

Carlos Dunlap, DE, University of Florida


You can never have too many guys who can get to the quarterback.  But another Gator? Rich and Randi obviously big fans of Urban Meyer.

WDSU Investigative Reporter Travers Mackel

Travers Mackel Saints 1st Round Pick:

Sergio Kindle, OLB, University of Texas

Like Scott Walker’s choice of Sean Weatherspoon I have my doubts regarding Kindle lasting until the 32nd pick…but If he’s on the board…TAKE HIM!!!



2 Responses

  1. with the addition of alex brown, I think the saints should concentrate on outside LB. So I think kindle and witherspoon are very feasible. Not sure about tebow at 32 maybe wait till the later rounds..maybe payton and brees can develop this guy into the next big thing. dunlap is also intriguing but i heard character issues is pushing him back. It should be interesting to see who is still on the board.

  2. wow cool info bro.

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