WDSU Saints Mock Draft (Final Version)

Saints 2010 Mock Draft:

1st Round:

Tyson Alualu: DT/DE University of California

WHY: I believe that the Saints will address depth at cornerback in the 2nd or 3rd round.  As far as getting an OLB that can replace Scott Fujita and get pressure on the quarterback….I think the Saints will look to fill that position from within with guys like JoLon Dunbar, Jonathan Casillas and Stanley Arnoux.  So with the team’s first round selection the Saints should address the lack of depth at defensive tackle. 

Alualu is a proven college player who’s considered ready to step in an play.  The Hawaiian is also considered a team leader with tremendous intangibles. 

(Alternate 1st Round Pick: Brian Price: DT UCLA)

2nd Round:

Amari Spievey: CB University of Iowa

WHY: The Saints need depth at cornerback.  Brain Allee-Walsh from www.neworleans.com pointed out to me tonight that the Saints had a 3rd cornerback on the field last season almost as much as they did a 3rd linebacker.  I also believe that Malcolm Jenkins is not a cornerback and is really the team’s free safety of the future.  Plus, Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer did have problems staying healthy last season.    

3rd Round:

Arthur Moats: OLB James Madison University

WHY: Just a solid football player from a smaller school.  The Saints have had tremendous success finding small school gems (Colston, Evans, Bushrod) and Moats would be another good find. 

4th Round:

Matt Tennant: C Boston College

WHY:  Because Jonathan Goodwin needs a backup and because you can never have too many quality players in the trenches. 


6th Round:

Riar Geer: TE University of Colorado

WHY: Jeremy Shockey has had problems staying healthy.  No one knows if Billy Miller will ever play again after his injury.  Dave Thomas is solid but the Saints could use some depth.  Tyler Lorenzen is a guy on the Saints practice squad but as a former college quarterback…who knows if he’ll ever make the jump to NFL tight end.  Geer adds depth to a thin position.    

7th Round:

Adrian Tracy: OLB The College of William & Mary

WHY:  A project player from the same school that produced Darren Sharper.  Tracy was a DE in college who’ll be making the switch to OLB in the NFL.


4 Responses

  1. I don’t agrre with the the picks. There is far more talent with better grades and played better. I agree with your 1st round pick, DT…1. Brain Price, but i would see if I could drop down about 5 to six spots and pick Tyson Alualu or OLB Daryl Washington and pick up another fourth rounder.
    2nd round I would pick OLB Daryl Washington or Eric Norwood or DT D’Anthony Smith
    3rd round I would pick RB Anthony Dixon or Ben Tate or CB .
    4th round CB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah or Amari spivey
    6th round OG/C Matt Tennant, OG Mitch Petrus
    7th round TE Nate Byham or Nathan Overbay.

  2. the safety and rb positions aren’t addressed. neither is DT. i do not like this draft. tyson alalu is someone you can get at the 2nd or 3rd round. get weatherspoon, kindle or hughes.

  3. We need a good 250 runner with #1. The rest is a pass rush, and

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