The New BCS Conferences (Updated Version)

Reports surfaced today that the Big Ten could expand by three or four schools.  If that happens expect a seismic shift in the power conferences of college sports.

For instance:

Reportedly the Big Ten has offered spots to the University of Nebraska, the University of Missouri, Rutgers University and the University of Notre Dame.

I say NO WAY does Notre Dame leave the NBC TV money they get for football…plus if the Irish are even remotely good they get a BCS Bowl bowl birth and $17 million dollars all to themselves!  Notre Dame will stay independent. 

But…let’s say the other three schools bolt for the new Big Ten.

The NEW Big Ten would now have 14 schools: 

I think the new name should be: The Big XIV or The Big Midwest

  • Michigan, Northwestern, Minnesota, Ohio State, Purdue, Penn State, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan State, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Rutgers. 
  • Nebraska and Missouri pulling out so quickly shows the Big XII is in MAJOR trouble!  To quote Mickey Rourke’s character in Iron Man 2….”Their is blood in the water and the sharks are coming.”

    Lets says the Pac-1o immediately follows the lead of the Big Ten and expands by two schools to 12.

    The NEW Pac-12 would look as follows:

    Stanford University, USC, University of Washington, Cal-Berkeley, UCLA, Washington State University, The University of Arizona, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Arizona State University, The University of Utah and The University of Colorado.

    Utah and Colorado make perfect sense if the Pac-10 expands.   

    In the scenarios I’ve outlined above the Big XII is now down three schools!  

    With the Big XII going down in flames the SEC makes a huge power play and grabs Texas & Texas A&M.  The SEC goes from 12 to 14 schools and is now a super conference like the new Big Ten.

    The NEW SEC would looks as follows:

    LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Florida, South Carolina,  Georgia, Arkansas, Texas & Texas A&M

    The ACC remains intact and the Big East scoops up one of the following schools to replace Rutgers:  Temple, Memphis, Florida Atlantic, Ohio, Buffalo or Marshall.

    The NEW Big XII would have only 7 teams remaining after all the defections!

    So what does the Big XII do? All they can do is add 5 new schools from non-BCS conferences and remain the Big XII.

    I say the New Big XII looks as follows:

    Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU, BYU, Boise State, SMU & New Mexico  

    The Non-BCS conference schools will then go raid each other to fill the gaps left by the teams snatched up into the power conferences.

    Will any of this happen?  Probably not…but it’s fun to imagine what could be.


    2 Responses

    1. funny stuff

    2. You have basically updated the conferences to match what ESPN said last week on college football today.

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