Semih Erden

Semih Erden.


Semih Erden!

No, I did not close my eyes and bang on my computer.

Semih Erden is a basketball player and a guy that the Hornets could probably use.

By now we all know that the Hornets have offered their head coaching position to Boston Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau.  The 50 year old Thibodeau is considered a defensive guru.

Two years ago Boston drafted a big european center in the 2nd round of the NBA draft.  His name?  Semih Erden.  Thibodeau worked-out Erden before the draft and no doubt gave a relatively good review of the 7-footer to Boston GM Danny Ainge.

Semih Erden #86

Erden is often compared to Orlando’s Marcin Gortat.

It may be a stretch but if Thibodeau comes to New Orleans would he try to pry Erden away from Boston?  Erden is currently playing on a professional team in Turkey.

New Orleans is in need of big men and Boston might have better luck developing a guy like Julian Wright.  JuJu for Erden and a future 2nd round pick would work under NBA trade rules. 

So maybe…just maybe…if Thibodeau takes the job…maybe he finds a way to bring Erden to New Orleans…and maybe the big guy can play a bit…MAYBE! 

The below link is video from a Turkish junior national team that featured Erden and current NBA player Ersan Ilyasova (Milwaukee Bucks).


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