Trade David West?!?!?!?!? (Posey Too!)

I almost can’t believe I wrote the headline to this blog.


I love David West and truly believe that’s he’s a guy a franchise needs to be successful.  Hard nosed, classy, smart.

That being said, West and Emeka Okafor didn’t exactly gel on the court last season.  Assuming Okafor’s contract is immovable (which it is)….should the Hornets consider shopping West for pieces that can better fit the Hornets puzzle?


Golden State receives: David West

New Orleans receives: #6 pick in 2010 Draft #34 pick in 2010 Draft and Anthony Randolph.

WHY:  It may seem like Golden State is giving up a lot…but West is an all-star and a guy that could bring the entire Warriors franchise together.  Plus, it’s a contract year for D-West and I know he’ll be huge in 2010-2011.  The Warriors now have a crunch time 5 of Curry, Ellis, Maggette, West and Biedrins.  The Hornets get the opportunity to have two lottery picks (and an early 2nd rounder) which keeps them competatvie while at the same time gets them younger.

Hornets could then draft: Greg Monroe #6, Cole Aldrich #11 and Ryan Wittman #34.

Losing West would crush some players and fans but picking up a former LSU Tiger (Randolph) and a kid who grew up on the west bank (Monroe) would soften the blow. 

My second move is:

Lakers receive: James Posey

Hornets receive: Sasha Vujacic

WHY: Posey is a veteran who would fit in perfectly with the Lakers as they go for a 3rd consecutive title.  Great wing defender, clutch shooter.  Vujacic is a young shooter and defender who at one time looked like an up-and-coming star but who is now roting on the Lakers bench.

Bonus Move:

Orlando Receives: Morris Peterson

New Orleans Receives: Brandon Bass

WHY: Orlando is a veteran team that usually plays 4 shooters around Dwight Howard.  Peterson has an expiring contract and as a classy vet would fit in perfectly with the Magic.  Bass is a solid back-up power forward who’s roting on the Orlando bench and needs a change of scenery. 

Fletcher’s 2010-2011 Hornets:

1. Chris Paul, Darren Collison

2. Marcus Thornton, Sasha Vujacic

3. Peja Stojakovic, Julian Wright, Ryan Wittman

4. Greg Monroe, Anthony Randolph, Brandon Bass

5. Emeka Okafor, Cole Aldrich, Darius Songaila


3 Responses

  1. i’m waiting for the day when you say trade chris paul!

  2. Fletcher, dude, stick to writing about the Saints. You have absolutely nothing of sustenance to provide when talking about the Hornets.

  3. trade west & a future draft pick for Atlanta’s josh smith. Peja for any young sharp shooter

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