Two Blockbuster Hornets Trades (Updated: 7-3-10)

Hornets team president Hugh Weber said today (Saturday, July 3rd) that Chris Paul will be in a Hornets uniform when the team tips off this fall.

That being said.  The Hornets better start looking into trades to make the team better.  CP3 has said over and over that he wants to win and that the Hornets roster needs to be re-shaped.

Since I love nothing more than proposing trades…..away we go! 

TRADE #1: 3 Team Blockbuster Deal

New Jersey Gets:

David West, Darren Collison & Julian Wright

Incoming salaries/outgoing salaries from trade: 12.3 & 12.3 million dollars(exact match)

Indiana Gets:

Devin Harris & Derrick Favors

Incoming salaries/outgoing salaries from trade: 12.3 & 12.8 million dollars 

New Orleans Gets:

Danny Granger & Tyler Hansbrough

Incoming salaries/outgoing salaries from trade: 12.8 & 12.3 

WHY THE DEAL WORKS FOR JERSEY: Jersey gets an all star PF (West) to lineup next to Brooke Lopez.  West helps the Nets win now and brings winning/leadership qualities to NJ.  Avery Johnson gets a young all-star caliber PG in Collison and a young SF (Wright) that could still be a player in the league with the right direction.  Getting West and Collison could also help Jersey land a big time free agent.

WHY THE DEAL WORKS FOR INDIANA:  Pacers get the PG they’ve been longing for in Devin Harris.  They also get and 18 year old PF (Favors) who could be the steal of this entire trade.  Favors is not ready to bang away nightly just yet but after a year or so could be a tremendous all star-type player in the NBA.


Hornets get an all-star SF (Granger) who’s from New Orleans and a young PF (Hansbrough) who could emerge into a David West type player.  I hate giving up West in any deal but I love Granger and have always been a huge fan of Hansbrough.

TRADE #2  

Golden State Gets: Peja Stojakovic

New Orleans Gets:  Andris Biedrins & Vladimir Radmonovic

Why The Deal Works for Hornets & Warriors: Warriors are being sold and Peja has an expiring $15 million dollar contract Golden State would probably love to have to reduce debt.  Peja is an upgrade over Radmonovic and with young bigs like Anthony Randolph, Ekpe Udoh and Brendan Wright the Warriors can part with Biendrins.  The Hornets take on the big salary ($9 mil. per through 2013) of Biendrins…..but he’s a player who seems to fit the Hornets system (Biendrins is more Tyson Chandler than Emeka Okafor).  The Hornets still get $7 million dollars in salary relief next season when Radmonovic comes off the books.  Radmonovic is also a solid bench player and could even be trade bait if the Hornets are in playoff contention at the NBA trade deadline.       

2010-2011 Hornets Starters:

Chris Paul

Marcus Thornton

Danny Granger

Tyler Hansbrough

Andris Biedrins/Emeka Okafor

The Hornets could also sign Ian Mahinmi and Brian Cusworth as a free agent big men and they’d need to acquire a backup point guard.  The team could sign a cheap free agent like Bobby Brown or trade Darius Songaila for a veteran point guard. Craig Brackins, Quincy Pondexter, Vladimir Radmonovic and James Posey round out the bench.


7 Responses

  1. Fletcher, stop with the dumb trade ideas man. Just stop. Is there any REAL journalism you get paid to do? No wonder New Orleans local media is such a joke.

  2. Let me add that I would like to see Granger in a Hornets uniform but I don’t know if I’d want to give up West and Collison for him. I think he should be there WITH them.

  3. i agree with Mo..just stop with the trades

  4. I feel like a broken record. Put the ESPN Trade Machine down. You suck and you have absolutely no insight into what is going on with the Hornets despite being a “reporter”. You are lucky you can read what they put in front of you.

  5. Such an attention wh*re. LMAO. I think he secretly wants CP3 out because then the chances of the Hornets being relevant will increase and we all know how deep Fletcher’s love is for the Saints. With Paul gone, he won’t have to report as much about the Hornets. Knowing Fletcher he probably thinks these are actually good trades. LMAO. Travers must be the smart one.

  6. I meant the chances of the Hornets becoming irrelevant will increase.

  7. Fletcher,

    Enough Hornets!!! They have a small but very devoted fan base.

    This city as a whole cares much more deeply about the Saints. Please write more about the Saints, instead of a multitude of hypothetical Hornets trades, etc. And before you say it, NFL football is truly a year round thing now. NBA draft/free agency is not the only thing happening in NOLA sports.

    Who dat!

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