New Hornets General Manager

As we speak the Hornets are in utter chaos!

Uncertain ownership situation.  Unproven head coach.  No general manager.  An unhappy superstar player.  

But fear not Hornets fans…I have appointed myself general manager and am ready to get to work to turn the franchise around.

Had I been in control weeks ago things would have been different. 

I’d have signed Ian Mahinmi, given away Songaila and JuJu to free up $6 million dollars so I could sign a quality free agent and shopped Collison and Okafor hard as a package deal.

But, none of the moves I’ve been lobbying for happened….so now I’ve got to cleanup the mess left behind.

Since all the good free agents signed while the Hornets sat on their hands doing nothing we’ll have to use trades to improve the roster.  And yes, as general manager I’ll be wearing the cell phone out trying to wheel and deal. 

1st Deal:

I’d give Darius Songaila to the Los Angeles Clippers.  The Clips can do an unbalanced deal allowing the Hornets to shed nearly $5 million dollars in salary by taking back only a 2nd round draft pick.   The Clips could use Songaila as insurance and as a mentor to Blake Griffin.

2nd Deal:

Peja Stojakovic and Julian Wright to Utah

Andrei Kirilenko to New Orleans. 

WHY: Utah has enough big men to rebound with Millsap, Jefferson, Fesenko and Okur.  They need shooters to spread the floor and Peja gives them a good shooter.  New Orleans needs rebounding and help on defense and Kirilenko gives them that.  Both Peja and AK-47 have expiring contracts…JuJu makes the deal work money-wise. 

3rd Deal:

David West To Detroit

Austin Daye & Jonas Jerebko To New Orleans

WHY:  Yes, people will say I’m crazy for doing this deal but West can become a free agent following this season and may bolt New Orleans….he’s also been soft defensively for two years.  Detroit has now rebuilt it’s front court with West and Greg Monroe.  The Hornets get two young, talented forwards with tons of upside.  The Hornets also get about $5 million dollars in salary relief because this is an unbalanced deal.  Like the Clippers, Detroit is under the salary cap and can do an unbalanced trade.   

4th Deal:

Emeka Okafor & Darren Collison to Toronto

DeMar DeRozan & Jose Calderon To New Orleans

WHY: Toronto is still looking for a big man who can rebound and protect Andrea Bargnani.  The Raptors are also looking for a point guard to lead them.  The Hornets get a backup PG in Calderon and a great wing player in DeRozan.

5th Move:

Sign Shaquille O’Neal

WHY:  Why Not?  The former LSU Tiger is a huge fan favorite who sells tickets and still has some gas left in the tank.  Playing with Chris Paul would no doubt excite Shaq and with the money the Hornets recouped in the above deals the Hornets could pay  O’Neal $15 million over 2 seasons.    

2010-2011 Rebuilt Hornets:

Chris Paul/Jose Calderon

DeMar DeRozan/Marcus Thornton/Luther Head

Andrei Kirilenko/Austin Daye/James Posey/Quincy Pondexter

Jonas Jerebko/Craig Brackins

Shaquille O’Neal/Aaron Grey/Brain Cusworth

As general manager I’d also have a long conversation with soon-to-be-owner Gary Chouest about changing the name of the team.  

The name ‘Hornets’ is associated with a vagabond franchise.  This decade the ‘Hornets’ have called Charlotte, Oklahoma City & New Orleans home.

Let’s get more local!  Go with the nickname the “Voodoo’ or the ‘Pelicans’. 

Now, Saints team owner Tom Benson owns and has trademarked both of those nicknames…but if you have a heart to heart with the man maybe you can buy one of them.  Tom would have to realize that such a name would be great for your franchise and he’d look like a team player who truly cares about this city by donating it to you.  Mr. Benson seems to be in great spirits since the Super Bowl win…so I say strike now while the iron is hot!


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  1. the 5th and 2nd deal are the only good ones…the rest suck..west/collison/okafor have more value…calderon is a point not SG.

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