Paul To Portland…West To Orlando

{updated: Thursday, July 22nd 1:15pm: Hornets source confirms that if Demps & Williams cannot convince CP3 to stay….they’ll start aggressively trying to move him.  Source also says Portland has the pieces Monty and Demps covet…NOT NYC, Orlando or Dallas.)

What should have been a glorious day for the Hornets (the first in what’s been a very difficult month)…..turned sour because posted a story tonight with harsh quotes from people who say they are speaking on behalf of Chris Paul.

If the above column is even half true the Hornets have to start looking into trading Paul.

Look, I love CP3 and DO NOT want to see him traded.  I wish new general manager Dell Demps would tell Paul (and his inner circle) to simmer down and play hard and that maybe good things will happen if the Hornets are heatlhy and focused. 

But I doubt that will happen.  Paul (and his people) will sulk and tension will grow between he and management. 

So, Demps and new coach Monty Williams….in my opinion….have no choice but to start rebuilding.

And rebuilding is not such a bad idea.  The Hornets have four good young players (Collison, Thornton, Brackins and Pondexter) and trading Paul and West can net them more young talent.

Fans immediately would not understand this move but heading down this path is probably the way the Hornets will have to go.

Of all the deals I’ve poured through the one that I keep coming back too sends CP3 to Portland:

***Chris Paul & Emeka Okafor to Portland (if CP3 is traded a team HAS to take Okafor and his horrible contract with him!!!!!)

***Greg Oden, Rudy Fernandez, Nicolas Batum, Andre Miller, The rights to Joel Freeland and a 2011 or 2012 1st round draft pick to New Orleans

This is a lot for Portland to give up but the Blazers now feature a starting lineup of:

CP3, Brandon Roy, Wesley Matthews/Luke Babbitt, LaMarcus Aldridge, Marcus Camby/Joel Przybilla/Emeka Okafor

That is a ready-to-win-now team that can compete with the Lakers in the West.  

The Hornets get tons of young players with loads of talent.  Oden is a former #1 overall pick who if healthy could be a dominating big man.  Batum and Fernandez are skilled wings who Monty Williams helped develop in Portland.  Freeland is a Brit who’s playing in Spain and who’s been compared to David Lee.  Andre Miller is a veteran PG who’ll backup Darren Collison and the 1st round pick makes the deal work money-wise.

Now, if Paul is shipped away…David West also has to go.  I can’t imagine D-West being happy on a rebuilding team.  

***David West To Orlando

***Marcin Gortat & Brandon Bass To New Orleans

West to the Magic allows Orlando to slide Rashard Lewis back to his natural SF position.  West being on a championship contender and in a contract year…I bet he’d be great for Orlando. 

The Hornets get a young big man in Gortat who’s dying to start and a solid backup in Bass.

The Hornets would also have no use for Darius Songaila and could give him away to a team like the Los Angeles Clippers for a future 2nd round pick (kind of the same deal that Rasual Butler was part of last year).

Julian Wright and James Posey fall into the same category as Songaila.  While JuJu would be easy to give away (perhaps to the Washington Wizards for a future 2nd rounder)….Posey will be more difficult to move because of his bad contract.

After These Deals:

The 2010-2011 (Chris Paul-less) Hornets:

1. Darren Collison, Andre Miller

2. Rudy Fernandez, Marcus Thornton

3. Nicolas Batum, Quincy Pondexter, Peja Stojakovic, James Posey

4. Marcin Gortat, Brandon Bass, Craig Brackins

5. Greg Oden, Aaron Grey, Joel Freeland

Call me crazy….but I think this is a young, dynamic, talented team.  I’d love to see what Gortat and Oden (two 7-footers) could do as full time starters and I’ve been high on Batum and Fernandez for years!  Collison is legit and the young players on the bench (led by Thornton) seem very very solid.


14 Responses

  1. it’ll be a sad day if paul leaves…but the hornets should sell high if he truly wants out

  2. Sorry Fletch – –
    I love ya, but the Hornets need to bring talent in. Open the pocketbook to proven players and fill the need to win now. Developing players is something that has never worked in NOLA. (See Saints, prior to last season)
    NOLA fans are tired and want a b-ball contender. Paul will be fine if he is appreciated, and right now he ain’t feeling no love from ownership.

  3. always thought of cp3 as our nba version of drew brees in terms of character and commitment. sure, the managenment has botched surrounding cp3 with the right players, but we will be 20million plus under the cap next year and help would be on the way for the 2011-12 season. honor your contract. if the hornets dont do anything in free agency in 2011, cp3 wanting to go would be understandable. not now. if he leaves this year, ill view him as a quitter and the people of new orleans certainly are not quitters in light katrina and the oil spill.

  4. Your portland trade is impossible under the NBA CBA. Portland would need to add another $6 million in salaries for it to work.

  5. You finally made a little sense! I could see us being competitive. Id hate to see Chris go. But his silence is deafening! If this is how he feels Id rather send him to the east to go up against his boy Lebron! That way both of them would never make it to the championship finals.

  6. “Greg Oden, Rudy Fernandez, Nicolas Batum, Andre Miller, The rights to Joel Freeland and a 2011 or 2012 1st round draft pick to New Orleans”

    No way Portland gives up that much for Paul. He’s great, but he’s not worth it at that price.

  7. I agree with Gary…I don’t see portland doing that trade. Sub Przybilla for Oden and I think it would get done, and work money wise. Maybe they could throw in Bayless somehow…

  8. LOTS of talk in Portland about CP3 coming to the Blazers. With Kevin Pritchard gone, it will be easier to trade some of the players he brought in and didn’t want to deal. He valued the likes of Batum & Fernandez much higher as they were “his guys.” With Rich Cho now running things, he should have no problem dealing these guys. However, nobody in Portland is discussing Oden as part of the package. Joel Przybilla and his expiring contract has been mentioned as part of the Blazers package for CP3. Batum, Fernandez, Miller, Przybilla, draft picks and rights to guys in Europe for CP3 & Okafor makes sense for the Blazers. Batum & Fernandez could turn into major studs for their former asst coach Monty Williams!

  9. I think Portland does have the right mix of players that would make them NO’s more likely partner should Paul decide to move.

    But i think expecting Batum and Oden might be a bit much.

  10. There is ABSOLUTELY no way the Blazers trade Oden and Batum. You’d be lucky to get even one of those guys, let alone both. Whoever is your “inside source” does not have enough information in Portland, because they won’t do that trade. Not to mention you think they’re gonna throw Fernandez in as well? That’s a joke. I know for a fact this deal will not get done unless New Orleans realizes they’re not in the driver’s seat. Paul doesn’t have to come out and play hard for you, his money is guaranteed. So to think that NOLA controls the market is laughable.

    Nice try on the “half of Portland’s team for CP3” article, but not only is it impractical but can’t happen with the current CBA. This deal will be: Fernandez, Bayless, Andre Miller, Joel Przybilla, the rights to Joel Freeland and Petteri Koponen, and a 2011 and a 2012 first round pick. You can mark it down, that will be Portland’s best offer. They might throw in Dante Cunningham, but may not.

    Good luck with your disgruntled superstar NOLA, and let us know when you are serious about a trade, and not just making up ridiculous trades in the ESPN trade machine.

  11. Unlike Richard I don’t think this trade is far fetched. I do think that the price is steep for Portland and this would be just beyond what would be acceptable to me for CP3. The problem here is I hate Okafor and I think in 2 yrs when Camby is older, we’d have nothing left in the middle. If you put in Joel instead (who likely would be significant cap release if his injury continues to prevent him from returning as I expect) and add Bayless and the promising Cunningham-i’d be all for it.

    I don’t speak for all blazers fans, but I watch all blazers games and I watch them closely. From what I’ve seen–absurd as it may sound–I’d rather give you LMA than Oden even.

  12. This trade (even with Oden, and tweaked a bit for salary matching) makes a lot of sense to me as a Blazer fan. Yes, we’re giving up a lot, but we would have the best back court in the country and keep Aldridge. Przybilla has held down the fort before and can do so again, and Camby isn’t chopped liver.

    Paul – Bayless – Armon Johnson
    Roy – Elliot Williams
    Matthews – Cunningham – Luke Babbitt
    Aldridge – Camby – Pendergraph
    Okafor – Przybilla

    The small forward position would be a bit weak offensively, and the backup guard position would be inexperienced, but you wouldn’t need much from those spots anyway. The front court is solid — no worries there. I’d be happy to root for this team.

    And believe me, NO, Batum/Oden/Miller/Fernandez are not chopped liver. That is 3 starters and a key backup for us. You would have guys that are ready to contribute now, not prospects.

    The Blazers’ problem is too much depth and a weak point guard position. Problem solved.

    NO’s problem is too much salary and not enough depth. Problem solved.

  13. Sheesh, why don’t you ask for the moon while you’re at it? We are talking about a rental of Chris Paul for two years before he goes off and pulls a Lebron- why would the Blazers give up Oden for that? Bad trade for the Blazers, and they are stuck with Okafor and a return to salary cap hell afterwards. Portland barely convinced themselves to let Batum go last time, what has changed since then? Oh yeah, CP3 has come out publicly with his trade demand. So now, the Hornets think they can get MORE than before? No thanks.

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