New Deal: CP3 To The Clippers (and I’m kinda serious!!!)

Look, I love the Chris Paul trade I proposed last night involving Portland.  I make no secret that I love some of the Blazers young players and think the deal works nicely for both franchises.  Granted I was a bit over the top thinking the Blazers would give up Oden & Batum.  Getting one would be big for the Hornets and that would be fine (keep scrolling down to the next blog to view my Hornets/Blazers trade).

That being said, ESPN’s John Hollinger makes some great points about CP3.  If the Hornets do shop him…a bidding war will take place and the team with the most to offer is probably Orlando.

But….I’ve come up with an extremely far-fetched, crazy idea that in a strange way kinda makes sense for two franchises.


According to NBA rules:

  • Teams below the salary cap may trade without regard to salary, as long as they don’t end up more than $100,000 above the cap following a trade.

The NBA salary cap for 2010-2011 is $58 million dollars.

So, I’ve come up with an unbalanced deal that keeps the Clips under $58 million and gets the Hornets exactly what they want: Young players and salary relief.

L.A. Clippers Get: Chris Paul,  Emeka Okafor & 2011 Hornets 1st Round Pick

N.O. Hornets Get: Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, Al-Farouq Aminu & Randy Foye

The Clippers currently have 11 players under contract totaling $47 million dollars.  If you take away the salaries of Griffin, Gordon, Aminu & Foye the Clippers have only $32 million dollars in salary.

Adding in Cp3 and Okafor brings the Clippers to a grand total of $58 million dollars…perfectly even with the $58 million dollar salary cap….meaning this trade would be approved.

WHY The Clippers Do The Deal:  The other LA team has been searching for a superstar and an identity for years.  Getting Cp3 makes them more relevant. 

The team’s crunch time 5 would be:  Cp3, Baron Davis, Ryan Gomes (or Rasual Butler if they re-sign him…or maybe even Tracy McGrady or Josh Howard), Emeka Okafor and Chris Kaman.   

(Sidebar: I think Baron Davis is a selfish, crybaby, coach-killer who’ll never win….but maybe, at 31 years old and having won only 1 playoff series in his career….Davis will accept the role of shooting guard and work with Paul…not against him.)

Giving up all their young players might not seem logical but this deal helps the Clippers win immediately….and who knows if Griffin & Amuni will be great players???   

The Hornets rid themselves of Okafor’s bad contract and pickup three young lottery picks with high ceilings and a quality backup point guard for Collison. 

Also, I still stand by the point I made two days ago….if Paul goes…David West also has to be traded.  West has been a warrior for the Hornets and I love the guy but if the team is in rebuild mode then it would be unfair to keep him around.

David West To Orlando

Marcin Gortat and Ryan Anderson to New Orleans  

West joining the Magic, in my opinion, makes them the favorites in the east. 

Jameer Nelson, VC, Rashard Lewis, DWest and Superman is a pretty excellent crunch time 5.

That being said…here’s how the 2010-2011 rebuilding Hornets would look:

1. Darren Collison, Randy Foye

2. Eric Gordon, Marcus Thornton

3. Al-Farouq Aminu, Quincy Pondexter, Peja Stojakovic, Julian Wright, James Posey

***If the Hornets could find another team (like the Washington Wizards) to do another unbalanced trade with then they should give away Posey and Wright for future 2nd round picks.

4. Blake Griffin, Ryan Anderson, Craig Brackins

5. Marcin Gortat, Aaron Grey,  Darius Songaila, Brian Cusworth (Cusworth gives the Hornets 16 players…one over the NBA max…but If Posey, Wright or Songaila can be moved then Cusworth can be signed.  Cusworth is a free agent big man from Harvard who played on the Hornets Las Vegas summer league team).


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  1. The Portland deal won’t work per Real GM Trade Checker. You would have to add Prz or Camby to the mix to make it work. My guess is the Blazers would would rather add both their other centers versus losing on the upside of Oden.

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