A Trade To Make CP3 Happy

Reports now say that the Hornets will tell Chris Paul that they are NOT trading him.

At their Monday meeting the team will also reportedly show Chris several trades they can make to upgrade the team around him.

Here is a deal I came up with that works under NBA trade rules and helps 3 teams (hopefully this is a deal the Hornets show Paul!):

TEAMS INVOLVED: New Orleans, Toronto, Washington

Hornets Get: Gilbert Arenas, JaVale McGee, DeMar DeRozan, Jose Calderon

Wizards Get: Emeka Okafor, James Posey

Raptors Get: Darren Collison, Darius Songaila, Julian Wright 

Why the deal Works:  The Hornets get an all-star type player to pair with Paul in the backcourt.  Sure, Arenas has been banged up, has a huge contract, is a ballhog and comes with controversy but it’s a risk the Hornets will have to take.  Hopefully after last seasons struggles Arenas will be focused.  To rid themselves of Arenas the Wizards will have to include the young 7-footer McGee in any deal.  Calderon is an expensive backup for CP3 but to get the deal done with Toronto the Hornets would have to eat the final 3 years of Calderon’s deal.

Washington gets two solid veteran players as they rebuild.  Okafor would be a nice match with Blache and Yi in the frontcourt and Posey is either a solid backup and leader or a chip they can move at the trade deadline for more pieces in the rebuild…or both.  Plus, D.C. rids itself of Arenas and sends a message to their fans that they are truly moving in a new direction.

The Raptors probably have no intentions of moving DeRozan but they have lots of wings and really need a PG.  Collison has proven he’s ready to run a team and is going to be pretty solid.  Pair Collison with Bargnani and you’ve got a great 1/5 core to move forward with.  Julian Wright also needs a change of scenery and may thrive in the great white north.  Songaila has an expiring contract and makes the deal work.  Darius is also a solid role player that every team needs.          

New & Improved (Keep CP3 Happy) Hornets:

1. Chris Paul, Jose Calderon

2. Gilbert Arenas, Marcus Thornton

3. DeMar DeRozan, Peja Stojakovic, Quincy Pondexter

4. David West, Craig Brackins

5. JaVale McGee, Aaron Grey, Brian Cusworth 

I’d also love to see the Hornets make a trade moving Peja.  One deal I keep coming back to is Peja to Philly for Jason Kapono, Andres Nocioni and a future 2nd round pick. 

We’ll see.


2 Responses

  1. Javale McGee is the perfect center for CP3. He reminds me of Tyson but more athletic with a much better offensive game and not injury pron but is he worth taking on agent 0.

  2. I love this trade. Hey Fletch I have an idea for you, but if you you do it , I want my check for the idea. Take your blog and turn it into a tv show. 4th down on 4, the final play, OFFSIDES. It’s your turn.

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