Chris Paul & Dell Demps Are Classy

Let’s get this straight….Chris Paul is classy. 

Dell Demps is classy.

Unlike the Hornets situation 5 years ago with Baron Davis….the CP3 situation will not turn ugly.

Baron played the role of malcontent to perfection and finally forced his way out of New Orleans.    

Chris Paul will not be a malcontent.  CP3 is too classy of a guy and too good of a player on the court to give less than 100%.

Demps is a solid front office executive that I truly believe will build something special in New Orleans…but it’s gonna take time.   

All that being said….I would be shocked if Chris Paul is still a Hornet in March of 2011….same goes for David West.

The only way the two Hornets all-stars are on the roster after the NBA trade deadline next February is if the Hornets steam roll everyone and are surprisingly one of the top 3 teams in the Western Conference.

I’m not saying that can’t happen (check out Phoenix Suns from last season…missed playoffs, made only minimal changes then advanced to the Western Conf. finals) but the odds are against the Hornets.

If the Hornets are ranked anywhere below 6th place next February….make my words….they’ll wheel-and-deal. 

Part of me thinks the Hornets should deal now and start the rebuilding…but I totally understand the course they’re taking.  At least try to win with what you’ve got. 

The good news for the Hornets is that if they do decide to move CP3 and West they can rebuild quickly because they’ll get a king’s ransom back in return.

And make no mistake, if the Hornets move their two best players they’ll have to do so before next summer.  West has a player option in his contract and will most certainly opt out and become a free agent.  Plus, with a lockout looming no one will give the Hornets quality young players for Paul next summer if they fear their will be no season (or an abbreviated season) in 2011-2012.     

So let’s sit back….watch the Hornets and hope they win…but in the long run, I believe they win not win enough and will eventually move the best point guard in NBA.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, Fletcher you are starting to sound more like the national media with all of the negativity. The Hornets will not trade CP3 if anything DC will be the one that gets delt.

  2. Fletcher – Enough already! You seem like a 7 year old wanting to prove he is right. You are now tweeting that the CBS story is dead on. How would you know? You do absolutely NO reporting or research, just play the fantasy trade game constantly. Get out of the blog business and actually do your job! This city needs some decent sports coverage, not a whining child trying to decifer body language.

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