Hornets-Knicks-Sixers Deal

This trade was emialed to me…says it courtesy of: yackman

I LOVE IT!!!  Kinda upset I didn’t think of it!


TradeMachine: Hornets-Sixers-Knicks Trade…Everybody Wins!
Knicks get:

Chris Paul
Omeka Okafor

Hornets get:

E. Curry (expiring)
D. Gallinari
A. Randolph
A. Iguodala
M. Speights
L. Williams

Sixers get:

D. West
R. Turiaf
T. Douglas
J. Wright

Hornets would be getting starters at SG, SF, PF, a serviceable center, and a great backup PG. If you’re going to give up 2 allstars, that’s what you expect to get in return. We’d also save about $2 million this year.

Sixers get rid of Iggy’s contract, freeing up Evan Turner to start at the 2, and they get an All Star PF, a capable backup at center, and a young PG/SG that can backup Jrue Holliday and depth at the 3. If they want to and can sign West/Turiaf/Douglas/Wright to extensions great, if not, $16.2 million comes off the books at the end of this year giving them the cap room to build around Evan Turner.

Knicks get CP3. And they also get to keep Wilson Chandler, even though they’d prefer to keep Gallinari or Randolph, keeping one of those three is a win for the Knicks.

Hornets roster looks like this:


(Thornton could also play the 2, Iggy the 3, Galli the 4, and Randolph the 5 for stretches of the game)

At the end of this season you have roughly $31 million coming off the books and probable starters at every position except for Center (unless Spreights and/Grey develop), and good depth.

Maybe you throw a max deal at Gasol or Horford and you rely on your GM to continue to add pieces at the right cost.

Then you rely on your coach to develop the young talent and to make sure this team is getting better every game.


3 Responses

  1. this deal isn’t half bad

  2. Face it Fletcher the Hornets are going to try and build a team around CP3 whether he likes it or not.

  3. What’s up Fletcher! I’m a big fan of your blog and I also watch WDSU news on a daily basis. I recently graduated from LSU with a concentration in journalism. I am really interested in sports and I enjoy watching shows like Sportscenter, Around the Horn, and PTI. I would love to get some experience as an intern for you. I also think that you’re just as talented to give your opinion and analysis in sports on Around the Horn. If you give me one chance, I promise I will not let you down. I love the Hornets and the Saints!

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