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Drew Brees & The Onion
September 17, 2010

Not sure Drew Brees will find this funny…but…


NEW ORLEANS—Drew Brees, Super Bowl–winning quarterback of the Saints and local hero, spent a few minutes during a routine press conference Tuesday wondering aloud if he could get away with murdering someone on the streets of New Orleans in broad daylight.

His curiosity visibly piqued as he spoke with reporters, Brees continually came back to the topic of murder, even when answering football-related questions about last Thursday’s sloppy win, his thoughts on his offensive line, and teammate Reggie Bush, who Brees said he could probably murder without getting into any sort of legal trouble whatsoever.

“Things are going very well for me here, and every day I am thankful I chose to come to New Orleans,” Brees said in response to a question posed by Times-Picayune reporter Mike Triplett about the Saints’ current popularity. “Seems like I could probably just walk up to someone, knife him in the gut or shoot him point-blank in the face, and then walk away without anyone doing anything.”

“Just thinking out loud is all,” Brees added. “I mean, we’re coming off this city’s first Super Bowl win, and we just beat the Vikings in the season opener, and people would probably just think, ‘Hey, if Drew wanted him dead, he must be a pretty bad guy.'”,18103/