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WDSU BCS Projections:
November 28, 2010


BCS Championship Game:

Auburn vs. Oregon

WHY: I’ve had this as my matchup for weeks.  Yes, even when everyone was picking Nick Saban and the tide….I was one of the crazy ones who believed Auburn could beat ‘Bama in Tuscaloosa.  Auburn beats South Carolina next week in SEC title game…Oregon beats Oregon State to close it’s season.

Rose Bowl:

TCU vs. Wisconsin

WHY: The Rose gets the highest ranked team from a non-automatic BCS conference (TCU) and the Big ten champ.  

Fiesta Bowl:

Nebraska vs. Stanford

WHY: I know Nebraska has been up and down but I think they’ll beat Oklahoma in the Big XII championship game. Stanford will be ranked 4th in the BCS poll meaning they have to go to a BCS game.  The Fiesta has the final pick so they’ll get the Cardinal (the reason Stanford will be the last pick is because bowl games believe they will travel poorly).  

Orange Bowl:

Florida St. vs. West Virginia

WHY: I think FSU is playing very well right now and will upset VT in the ACC title game.  Everyone thought the Big East champ would end up in the Fiesta Bowl but the Orange Bowl will have it’s choice between the Big East champ and Stanford and I think they’ll choose the Big East champ.  I’m picking WVU to win the Big East.  The Mountaineers get into this game when they beat Rutgers to close their season and UConn falls to South Florida. 

Sugar Bowl:

Arkansas vs. Ohio St.

WHY: Razorbacks get the at-large bid to the Sugar when Auburn wins SEC title game.  Ohio St. gets the other at-large bid into this game.  It’s a great matchup for New Orleans because both schools travel big and will pack the city with fans.   

So where will LSU end up?

Cotton Bowl:

LSU vs. Oklahoma

WHY: LSU won’t end up in the Capital One Bowl because they played in this game last year.  Bowl games and schools are not all fond of playing in the same game in the same city in back-to-back years (unless it’s a BCS game). The Outback Bowl and the Gator Bowl are possibilities but are not as presitgious as the Cotton.


WDSU BCS Bowl Game Projections
November 15, 2010

BCS National Championship Game:

Oregon vs. Auburn

WHY: Oregon beats Oregon St. and finishes a perfect 12-0…earning a birth into the title game.  I know many people are picking Auburn to lose to Alabama but I just can’t.  I understand the Auburn defense is suspect but I think Auburn wins the Iron Bowl and then the SEC title game (vs. South Carolina). 

Rose Bowl:

Boise St. vs. Michigan St.

WHY: If the Rose Bowl loses one of it’s traditional teams (Pac-10/Big Ten) to the BCS title game it MUST replace that team with the highest ranked team from a non-automatic qualifying conference.  That said, I think Boise State will be ranked 3rd ahead of TCU when the season ends.  I also think Ohio State loses to Iowa this weekend…meaning Wisconsin and Michigan State will be the only teams with one loss in the Big Ten….and since Michigan State beat Wisconsin the Spartans win the Big Ten and play in the Rose Bowl.    

Sugar Bowl:


WHY:  This is actually a rematch of the 1936 Sugar Bowl!!!!!  75 years ago Sammy Baugh led the Horned Frogs over the Tigers in the 2nd annual Sugar Bowl.  To read more about that game click on the link below:

Wisconsin will also be an option for the Sugar Bowl but I think the Sugar Bowl committee picks TCU.  TCU will be undefeated, the distance fans have to travel is easy and on paper the matchup looks electric….LSU defense vs. TCU offense. 

Orange Bowl:

Virginia Tech vs. Wisconsin

WHY: Despite starting 0-2 overall VT wins the ACC earning an automatic birth into the Orange Bowl.  When the Sugar Bowl takes TCU…a one loss Wisconsin Badgers team falls into this game as an at-large team from the Big Ten.  One-loss Stanford from the Pac-10 is also an option here instead of Wisconsin but I believe that Wisconsin will guarantee more ticket sales and fans for the tourism industry in south Florida….therefore it’ll be the Badgers in the Orange Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl:

Nebraska vs. Pitt

WHY:  Nebraska wins the Big XII championship game earning the automatic birth into the Fiesta Bowl.  The Fiesta gets the final pick in the selection process and the Big East champ has to go to a BCS game….and I think Pitt will win the Big East.

Possible Marcus Thornton Trades
November 12, 2010

With MT5 seemingly out of the Hornets plans I keep asking myself (to the surprise of very few)…what kind of trade value does Thornton have?

The best case scenario is for Marcus Thornton to be traded with Peja Stojakovic to bring back a big money impact type player.

Because trades in the NBA have to in essence be equal salary for equal salary the opportunities of landing an impact player for MT5 are slim.  Thornton makes only  $850,000.

But it is possible to get a quality player that can help the Hornets:

Hornets Get: Kyrylo Fesenko

Jazz get: Marcus Thornton

WHY: The Jazz need shooters after losing players Kyle Korver and the Hornets could use a true backup center.  Utah has Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson right now and Mehmet Okur will soon be back from injury so Fesenko is expendable.  The Hornets have Belinelli, Bayless and Greene so they do not need Thornton.

Hornets Get: Semih Erden

Celtics get: Marcus Thornton

WHY: Thornton could fill the role a guy like Eddie House played for the Celtics.  Erden is a solid young Turkish big man compared to Marcin Gortat.

Other possible players Thornton could be traded for one for one:

DeAndre Jordan: L.A. Clippers (but the Clippers don’t need another SG)

Jordan Hill: Houston Rockets 

Gamble Trade:

Suns Get: Peja Stojakovic

Hornets Get: Robin Lopez & Hedo Turkoglu

WHY: Phoenix is off to a 3-4 start and if they struggle could blow up their team by trading away Steve Nash, Jason Richardson and if they could Hedo Turkoglu.  The big question for the Hornets is…do they believe Hedo has anything left and is it worth taking on his horrible contract?  Also, is getting Robin Lopez worth taking on Hedo?  To take on Hedo’s contract the Suns would have to include Lopez (who I really like) in this deal. 

One More Peja Deal:

Hornets Get: Zach Randolph

Grizzlies Get: Peja Stojakovic, Quincy Pondexter & Marcus Thornton

WHY: Hornets get an All-Star player with an expiring contract to help in what could be a memorable playoff run.  Memphis is not going to re-sign Randolph when the season ends so if the team is out of the playoff race why not take Peja’s contract and two solid young players?

Peja & Thornton Traded?
November 10, 2010

The simple answer to the above headline is…Yes!

In Tuesday night’s win over the Los Angeles Clippers Marcus Thornton was the only player on the active roster not to play. 

Peja Stojakovic has been inactive the past 5 games.

General Manager Dell Demps and coach Monty Williams seem content with the roster they built this offseason (9 new players) and Peja and MT5 are simply not in their plans.   

Dell Demps was quoted in the Times Picayune newspaper two days ago saying that he is not currently entertaining trade offers for Peja….to that I say….UNTRUE!

I believe that Demps is shopping Peja and Thornton hard right now.

The reason Demps has to shop them now is because if he waits until the NBA trade deadline in February he may not be able to move them.

Lots of teams have aging players with big expiring contracts (think Michael Redd in Milwaukee and Eddie Curry In NYC) just like Peja’s and their will not be enough teams willing to take these guys.

So making a move before Christmas is the Hornets best option.

And yes…I of course have a trade scenario:

3 Team Deal: Hornets, Clippers, Timberwolves

Hornets Get: Chris Kaman & Martell Webster

Clippers Get: Kevin Love & Quincy Pondexter

T’Wolves Get: Peja Stojakovic, Marcus Thornton & Al-Farouq Aminu 

{This trade works under NBA trade guidelines}

Is the deal far-fetched? Yep!

But here is why it’s somewhat belivable: 

Love is on fire for Minny but he’s reportedly not happy with his minutes and the team reportedly feels he does all his damage when the game is out of reach and the team is losing (plus, Minny is 1-7 overall). 

Love goes back to L.A. where he played his college ball and gives the Clippers a young gun to pair in the front court with Blake Griffin. 

The Clips have never won with Kaman…so even though he’s been an all-star…dealing him should not be a big deal.  The Clippers shed payroll and get a young popular player (Love) to replace Kaman. Yes, the Clips have to part with Al-Farouq Aminu but to get Kevin Love I think they’d do it.  Quincy Pondexter is part of this trade to sweeten the deal for L.A.

In Aminu Minnesota gets a player who could become an all-star small forward.  Pair him with Flynn/Rubio (if he ever comes over), Wesley Johnson, Beasley and Pekovic and you’ve got a solid starting 5.  Thornton gives the T’Wolves a shooter off the bench.  Peja’s contract gives Minny even more salary relief and flexability next summer.

In Kaman the Hornets get an all-star big man who can play behind Okafor and West and who is also insurance if/when West bolts via free agency next summer. Webster is a solid small forward who’d fit right in with the second unit (when he comes back from surgery….sometime around the first of the year).  By trading away Peja’s huge expiring contract the Hornets give up getting tremendous financial flexability next summer…but for a chance to win I think it’s what has to be done.

Been Saying This For Years
November 9, 2010

It was never a grand experiment, and it looked a little dubious from the start, but it appears as if Baron Davis’(notes) time in Los Angeles is catching up with itself.

We’ve no doubt that Davis is hurting, a cyst in his left knee is making it tough for him to keep up at this level, and he’s not wrong for taking time off as the slog of an 82-game season commences.

What’s wrong with this whole ordeal is what led up to this consistent, likely debilitating, knee pain. The years of trying to play point guard at an NBA level while carrying, let’s be honest, too much weight. You can’t enter the league on a surgically repaired left knee and expect to play by the same rules as everyone else. Or even, as your talent sometimes allows, fall short of the level of fitness that other point guards need to sustain in order to survive.

Long story, made short? Davis was too doughy, for too long, to play on that knee without resulting pain. He didn’t watch what he put into his body, and he waited too long (most every summer, going back to his time in Charlotte and New Orleans) during the offseason to start conditioning for the season ahead. And it’s caught up with him.